Nov. 9 Algo Update

Hi all,

Last week I read an article about G making updates for 301's in a big way. The article mentioned that G was going to simply disallow the 301 for serp ranking.

So fast forward to this morning. Last week I re-launched my site on a new platform, did my 301's. This morning 90% of my kw's are gone. Most were top 30. Only a handful remain. The rest are off the grid.

The only thing I did was the 301. Content is virtually the same.

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this today? Or perhaps I am the lucky one that G decided to roll over with their update :-)

Thanks for any feedback.


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Wow...I 301ed a site with 100s of pages a month age (before this update?) to a new domain that's a bit better for branding.

    I've done this before without issue, maybe even with positive results, if any.

    This time, results were horrifying, so much so that I moved everything back.  I would have waited it out, as I know SERP position oscillates in such circumstances, but it defied my expectations and was just tanking and tanking on all KWs.

    So I freaked, and went back. It's OK now. Like it never happened. ;)

    Maybe this was just a random experience not indicative of ANYthing to do with G algo change that would handle 301s differently. But it WAS recent.  Maybe not recent enough to be relevant to this discussion, tho?

    I want to look into this further. Anyone find out anything more specific?

    It seems stupid to pass 0 weight through 301s. Are we all now frozen with present URLs forever, or start fresh at the bottom?  >:)   I hope not!!
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