Feature Suggest: Export X With Images

I'd like to suggest a new export feature that I think will be very useful and save a lot of time. So when exporting a text as html or whatever format, GSA CG should offer the option to download the images locally with relative paths in images folder.

 I find this the most difficult task when exporting my texts and uploading them to an html site. The images need to be downloaded one by one and then the paths should be manually replaced. But if GSA CG could just download the images and export the html with the image paths being relative, it would be very easy to upload the article/images to a server.

I don't know, I think it would be useful and will save a lot of time when exporting.


  • Yeah, I hate doing the image stocking too! I was thinking about proposing something similar to Sven the other day.
    I would like to see that SER could pair the articles that have a keyword with an image that name contains the keyword and upload everything.
    For self hosted wordpress this would definitely make life easier.

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    Nice to see more people in the same boat :)

    I could even challenge Sven by stretching this feature with a few more options such as:

    1. Autodownload the image
    2. Autorename the image with a random keyword (from the keyword list etc..)
    3. Autofill and replace the META data of the original image making the image unique in the eyes of google and also avoid copyright issues
    4. And the most challenging: Autoedit the image slightly to make it even more unique. The autoedit feature would include very basic image alterations such as: rotate by a few degrees, crop by a few pixels, color autocorrect, RGB slight change, watermark and stuff like that..

    Or, since there are already some bulk image editors that do #4, GSA CG could simply add "insert images from a folder" in the generated article instead of searching online.

    Now that would make GSA CG stand out from the competition. :)
  • Pfff, that's not even a challenge... Sven could do that in a weekend :) I'm not sure if he is willing to :|

    Jokes apart those would be killer features that's for sure.
  • @Sven what do you think about these? Do you think it can be done?
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    on my to-do list
  • Hey @spiritfly would you mind sharing the image processors you use? I use RIOT. It does what I need but I'm always on the market for new tools.
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