Several Ideas to make SEO Indexer faster

Sven - I will appreciate your personal answer here to my 2 suggestions

Most of the people using the indexer complain that it is slow and that it has a low indexing rate, so here are my ideas/feature requests which I think can make the whole process much much faster and 100% indexing rate:

1. As proxies are not needed for this service and they don't give you anything, I would Disable proxies by default (This small enhancement alone would make it much faster for all of the newbies which don't touch the default settings)

2. Send every link to 100 indexing sites only, then go to an other link, so if there are 3000 links in the queue it will submit them all to 30,000 sites, then it will go back to the first link, check if it is indexed, if not then it will submit it to the next 100 sites - Every link which is checked and is indexed will be removed from the queue as it is already indexed so there is no need to further "index" it !?

So this suggestion includes the following steps:
2A. Index to rounds of 100 sites.
2B. All sites should remain in the indexing loop till they are indexed
2C. Each site which is checked and found indexed should be removed from the loop

So we will gain a huge speed boost as some links will get indexed after the first round, thus no need for the other 4900 sites to index them
We will gain a huge indexing rate as all sites will get indexed (100% indexing rate)


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