How do you people find a balance among your projects and clients and tasks?

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What's going on, GSA-SER ppl! :)

Just do you all stay organized? By that, I mean not spending too much time with (getting stuck on)  any one project or client or task, prioritizing based on what's going to make a return faster and better, and keeping it all in perspective? 

Expand this project and spend a week on every detail, or move on to the next one and fix the fine tuning later? Etc...

I like to take notes and comment everything (later on I can't remember what I was doing or how I did it).

I need to take more notes with GSA-SER. lol I like to review what I'll be doing and what's to be done but I haven't sufficiently used this cool feature which encourages me to get back to my good habit of note-taking.

LIKE is key operative phrase here. lol I used to be more organized.  I need to be again.


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    I wrote this article on how I use ToDoIst as my to-do list app and I still love it and use it every day. I am close to crossing the 300 days in a row mark.

    I wrote this article on Rescue Time and how it helped me increase my productivity by 30%. Over the months that has probably increased with habit control too. I just passed the three month of logged time on it and here's the dashboard metrics.

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    It's easy if you have no other hobbies :D . What encourages me to work rather than mess about is, I look at what my competitors are doing and how well they are ranking and this makes me work harder. I will check out this app though, thanks shaun. 
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    @shaun mate you have the best answers B)

    @spunko2010 haha, it's an odd lonely life this SEO shit.

    I can't speak for anyone other than myself, but the hard part is figuring 'it' out and then automated, speeding it up, hiring/entrusting others.

    Client stuff - I have had the same argument for years with them (and my wife) that NO I don't have to answer a call to them, I don't have to email back immediately, and I certainly don't have to explain what I'm doing (that's in the contract, actually, and I've lost 3 big clients this year because of it...which is weird). Set the rules of engagement with them or it'll bite you in the ass - I'm living proof of this.
    I had to limit them to one call per month for lower paying clients and once a week for high paying clients, which I think is fair and TBH, that's way too much as results usually take a few weeks anyway. I guess that they don't understand or trust SEO and that they don't understand anything - but that's what online marketing is, I tell them to just look at the results, don't like them then f-off and stop wasting everyone's time.

    If you're using SER then look at automating it - there are various tools, scripts, techniques and tweaks. I didn't do any of that, I just figured it out manually (on a small scale) then rinse and repeat. I once had 300 projects for just one client (huge huge client), that took 2 months to set up and I had many other clients (15 or so I think at the time). I didn't trust doing 300 anything other than by hand and it was worth it.

    Everything else seemed easy after that.

    Same with my current way of doing link building. I stopped, breathed, took the plunge and cut my day's work down by 50% at least.

    BTW I'm no expert in online marketing/SEM/SEO I just know what I know, and am happy with that. It works for me. It fits my life and that's just fine. In the early days I spent 20 hours a day (really!) for 2 years figuring stuff out while working my ass off online but not marketing. Then up until earlier this year I'd work 9-10 hours into the night (3-4am finish) so I get to see every waking moment of my daughter growing up. Now I work 3-5 hours on a night and 2hrs in the morning.

    TL;DR figure out YOUR method, scale and sit back.
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