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I haven't seen any "SEO is DEAD" thread for months now so I thought - as this is an SEO kind of forum - it's time to have one again. It's kind of obligatory like the privacy policy. :D

Anyway, I've been catching up with my summer break stuff and found an interesting conversation about how machine learning will affect analytics in the coming months by Avinash Kaushik. I've found it quite fascinating and left me wondering about the future of SEO too. You can check it out here. TL;DR ANALYTICS is DEAD


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    SEO keeps dying. What we did years ago is laughable now. So, so simple.

    Every time everyone gets it, the game changes.  But that's just evolution.

    AI can filter non-real-seeming signals. It's automation better sensing other automation. lol

    So, SEO can't be aggressive or dumb. It has to be intelligent and meaningful. So that itself will filter out a lot of SEO companies, in reality.

    I feel it's like you can no longer "fake it." You have to be about QUALITY now, A to Z.

    But AI can also then slam you b/c your site "seems" weird, from a random combination of factors, whereas before it was a discrete penalty to look out for.

    That might be unfair. Sites could be flagged for seeming like they have artificial SEO when they really do not.

    I love this It just never gets old.... :p

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    SEO is still there. 
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    Some things are so simple that they are hard to believe...
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