Which spinner did you use?

Want to know more choice about spinner,  i am using wordai right now, but seems not very good.


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    SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
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    SpinRewriter was always good...try that one.
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    @Sven www.spinrewriter.com this one?
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    SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
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    DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited September 2017
    @Sven, SpinRewriter has semantic grouping of synonyms I see!! Cool!!!

    I realized a while ago that this was necessary, since spinners often totally miss the mark.

    I'm happy someone already wrote this kind of program.

    The logic isn't crazy for such a program, and could use solely programmed conditionals, but setting up the semantic clusters and rules would take so much time, if done manually. With a group effort, it would be way easier.

    Unless, you could have such a spinner assemble, and inter-relate, semantic clusters on its own, learning by true AI, in which case the logic would be complex, and would grow on its own with time. 

    Then, the clusters and rules would form on their own, until the program learns sufficiently, and can be released with fixed conditionals in place, without the AI engine included. Updates could take care of further learning done by the program creator's AI engine.

    I'd consider getting SpinRewriter, definitely.

    The monthly fees are the only deterrent for me. :|

    I checked out their site.  I like what the company has to say about their spinner utility.

    There is also  a free trial and a sale right now. I will definitely do the free trial, but only once I have a few days to mess around with it.

    I hate wasting free trials. I've done that with a few GSA products, unfortunately.

    I tried a few programs after buying Spinner Chief, including WordAI.

    WordAI lacked functionality that I needed and seemed more basic, but produced readable results and was super-easy to use.

    Spinner Chief is good. There are many, many complex permutations for how to set the spinner. I like the interface, but if I never had to hand-spin an article, or fix the auto-spin results, the interface wouldn't matter so much.

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    Used to value WordAI a lot but from what I saw with the latest update it is even worse than before. SpinRewriter is a good one. For French I use ArticleSpinner.fr good spinner but it is a closed one, meaning no new members for obvious reasons. You can sign up and once new spots are released you can get it.
    Also, I use X-Spinner for bulk spinning, T2 mostly.
    The main problem with spinners is that a lot of people scrape the same content and spin it using the same spinners which leads to duplicate content blasted in huge volumes. So for T1 English content I had to rely on some other techniques.
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    DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited October 2017
    "The main problem with spinners is that a lot of people scrape the same content and spin it using the same spinners which leads to duplicate content blasted in huge volumes." -@devmd

    Wise observation. I've thought about this before. :*

    I've even seen the results again and again by contracted article writers who promised "original articles" but delivered scrapes from the same pool of articles. lol

    It's more obvious when you ask them to write on a more specific topic there isn't as much content out there about. lol

    And then the ppl INSIST they are actually truly the authors. Hmm.... :*

    "...Amazing coincidence that your (clearly spun) article matches (SO PRECISELY and to SUCH a HIGH DEGREE!! lol) this other sorrily spun article right HERE, dude. .." lol

    The results from many of the popular spinners are often quite good, in terms of readability.

    Just not even close to unique, as you explained.
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