Which Things You Outsource to VA and How to get Maximum out of Them

I recently hired a VA, I'm training her to built PBN sites and restore them, However i would like to know from you guys what SEO work you guys are letting your VAs do. and how you make sure they work X hours per day. As she is new to this i can't just tell it will take 1 hour to restore a site from wayback, she is new so the time will vary but how to get sure that she work on my projects. If you know what i mean, Basically any tips to manage VAs?


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    I guess the term VA depends on your definition of the term. Personally, I would say I only outsource content creation to my VAs who are people I find and train myself on Upwork. I outsource manual web 2.0 creation and a few other tasks though and I guess they could also be viewed as VA's as they are virtually assisting me.

    Years back I took on a VA from Upwork to try get her to make web 2.0s and she tried to bill me her hourly rate of $5 to create a single one page web 2.0 when my outsource guy can give me 40 for $15, I quickly returned back to him.

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    Yet again, I agree with @shaun here. Give them the manual-labor tasks that are hard to automate for the long-term. You know, the boring, repetitive data-entry type work that is a pain in the ass to do? creating Web 2.0's, customer support, data entry, building simple reports, gathering data etc. 

    Thats the stuff i'd recommend outsourcing. 
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