Exporting CG project to SER

I've been searching all day long how to export all content from CG (keywords, anchor, blogs etc), not only articles, automatically to the SER but didn't find any howto information.  Is it possible? 


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    SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    It is possible and it is really easy. On export choose the export template called "GSA Search Engine Ranker (all fields)". Then use that file and import to your project using: EDIT PROJECT->TOOLS->Import->Data Fields
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    Thank You, Sven! You're cool <span>:smile:</span>

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    gaserawgaseraw Alabama
    Thank you for your answer, pal! It is very useful because I'm so tired of playing with my project settings
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    VMartVMart Viral Marketing
    edited July 2017
    I have already informed seven.
    from CG to SER only able to export a project one by one. It's very risk for having bulk projects.
    Didn't get any option for exporting all projects in single button "Export All"
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