building high quality verified link list

is there any way to get a filtered url list which require recaptcha or any other harder captcha to create an account among those which can be created with solely gsa captcha breaker?


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    Accepted Answer
  • Firstly I can filter the list using capctha breaker solely. Save all the failed links and then reuse them using 2capctha solely. Would it make sense?
  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    No as that only filters to a stage where CB is able to solve the captcha, one reason domains fail is they upgrade their captcha system. Running it with 2Captcha gets around this.

    I wouldent push a premium list through it through tbh, once its been on a list its metrics are too low. Try scraping your own targets and then metric checking them some how and process the ones that meet your requirements. That should help out with minimising captcha costs.
  • It is possible for some of engines like Durpal, buddypress which support multiple posts on the same account, you can create a full lists of accounts at once, then use it over and over again in different projects.
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