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I would like to create around 10k Contextual Backlink for Tier1 within 1-2 week.
Is it possible? Should I put it on One Project? Or separated project?

How many maximal backlink per project have you got?


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    shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    Accepted Answer
    Multiple per projects would be best and you will need a decent list.

    I built over 100,000 contextual links to a page in a day to test a churn and burn theory so 10,000 in two weeks is 100% doable.
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    How did you post 100k verified links in one day? I can build max 2k links/day. I scrape fresh list with scrpapebox - still 2k/day, i extract others links from spammed to death blogs and questbooks , build huge linkslist and still can't post more than 2k verified links/day, i use public proxies from coolproxies service
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    shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    Theres loads of things that could cause it tbh. I used to build 1.5 million links per server back in the day. Post up your SER settings and your project options tab from top to bottom.

    I would guess you have filters turned on.
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    BlackRiver Jacarta

    Of course you can.  I am on few youtube niches (cpa) and i am building 10K 15K per day so ofc its possible.  you don't have to worry about verified lists just use scrape list identified and do that ;) its that simple to have 10k backlinks in 2 weeks .. 


    always use private proxies 

    anyone here who use herbs and tweaking gsa ser with all the stuffs lol thats awesome ... i really can feel it now :D 

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