Importing URLs to multiple projects calculation error


When importing URLs to multiple projects, the 'suggested' amount to import per project is calculated incorrectly.
To clarify, this is done from right clicking a project -> Modify Project -> Import -> URLs -> From clipboard

For example, when importing 1 URL to 10 projects, the suggested amount per project is 0 URLs. I guess this is because it simply divides 1 by 10 and rounds to 0.

Another error occurs when importing a number of URLs which is not divisible by the amount of projects, it will round the number to import to a number which works, but the total amount imported would be less than the amount the user is trying to import.

An example would be importing 1000 URLs to 3 projects, the suggested amount would be 333 per project. So 1 URL would not be imported to any project, as far as I know.

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