[HOT] WizMail - Mass Email Account Creator STILL WORKING ?

Anyone knows if wizmail still working, I'm trying to get in touch with them for a fill days now and no one answers back.


  • Tim89Tim89 www.expressindexer.solutions
    Accepted Answer
    It hasn't worked for me in a long time, support is non-existent, not sure what happened to the dev.
  • any recommendations ?? 

    Tried http://www.blazingseollc.com/, emails no good I order 1000 emails from them and all emails was bad, needed to ask for a refund.

    Trying http://seospartans.com/ now, but is not promising anything, my VPM is so low.
  • BenzBenz My Laptop
    I like to ask same question too,.. 
    Have a little problem with emails for GSA projects.

    Been bough several times mail.ru emails package from fiverr, but i think theres many platform and engines banned mail.ru for creating accounts and thats why the VPM is dropped down to the bottom.

    Is catchall is much much better? 

    Any clue and suggestion will greatly appreciated

  • HinkysHinkys SEOSpartans.com - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    Sorry to hear that you're not getting good VPM. However, maybe I can help? First of all, have you read my guide for catchalls and GSA SER

    Also, and I should probably put that in the guide, can you post a screenshot of your project settings? Mainly "when to verify links". I've ran some tests and for some reason got far less verifieds when it was on "Automatically". Setting it to "Custom Time: 1440" seemed to produce 3x the number of verified. 

    Some of it probably has to do with the fact that the delivery of some emails is delayed by up to 15 minutes (to manage server load). However, the results were similar while doing tests with the server being under minimal load.

    Also, please PM me your username so I can take a look at your catchalls.
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