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  • xjackx
    Paid for more 3 months. Transaction: 6TU653357H129462K still waiting you to activate.
    October 29
  • jimmyltc
    Hi! Not able to reach your site:
    "The connection has timed out

    The server at is taking too long to respond.

        The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
        If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection.
        If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web."

    Can advise? (Tried all browsers and the same issue)


    July 19
    • Hinkys

      We were doing some maintenance so it was probably that (it works fine now). Can you access it now or is it still down for you?

    • enspearcompsolutions
      ur wasting money and time there not going to fix a damn thing. The solution to proxies is getting a VPN!!!!!!!!!! and why arent they verifying engage proxies in e mail settings. Boom! i have saved you time and money inbox me if you got any more issues with this shit. if your not tech savy this machine will take you to the cleaners
    • enspearcompsolutions
      and get a $3 zoho pop3 mail and BOOM it never gets blcklisted been using 1 email from them for months no issues and activation links keep piling in for pr5 and above high authorative links.
    • enspearcompsolutions
      Finally Get the SER engines add on. It is a huge help but I would wait on that till you run out of gsa ser generic engines. Inbox me for API key
    • enspearcompsolutions
      Your going to see these posts and hopefully its not to late i got 2 api keys left and FINALLY YOU ARE WELCOME I SHOULD HAVE CHARGED YOU FOR THIS INFO
  • rsharpe75
    Hi Hinkys, just wanted to personally thank you for your reply.  You can be assured that it is very appreciated.

    May 15
  • servix_seo
    hi Hinkys! Can you help me how to develop and add new engines to GSA? probably you have any engines for example? I want to cope with this) sorry for my english) 
    March 15
  • Hinkys joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    October 2012