Getting nonstop "login failed" even after deleting cache/history/unused accts

I've been having this problem for several weeks now where I am getting over 100k submitted but only 1-2k verified and nonstop login failed errors despite me having deleted history/cache/unused accounts.  I thought it might have been an email problem, so I switched out my spartan catchalls for yahoo accts and then gmail accts and then private pop3 accts and the same issue is happening with all of them, i've ruled out that it's not an email problem.  I have the pop3 settings set up so that it deletes the email once verification is found, but the problem still occurs whether i have this disabled or not.  I am at a loss as to what could be causing this, it looks like as soon as GSA goes to the site to create the account, it's already created, or for some reason it's not getting the verification email despite all of my settings being the way they should be.  What could possibly be causing this & what would be the solution?


  • SvenSven
    For what engines you see this?
  • It seems like it's doing it mostly for engines that use contextuals and articles
  • SvenSven
    an update might fix this issue as I just found something in this part of the code.
  • I get this all the time as well. Same Engines Mainly contextual and articles.
  • Has anyone found a fix to this or anything I constantly see Log-in Failed across all my servers for no apparent Reason. :/
  • I don't think that fixed it sven, i'm still getting constant login failed errors despite me having deleted all unused accts/cache/history.  Even when I do all that and start GSA running, the first sites it tries to post to are immediately all login failed.
  • SvenSven
    This doesn't have to be a bug in SER at all.
    Once there is no email confirmation happening, SER tries to login to the created account anyway if it had previously done that account creation with a login and password. If it expects a password or login by email it will not do that. But as very last thing, SER tries to login just before it troughs away that account data/site.
    Many sites do not send out emails as expected and then it can come to this situation.

  • I understand how it functions but there is still a large problem if i'm only getting 2-3k verified per 100k submitted urls.  Even when I go to delete unused accounts it says I have deleted over 50k unused accounts that GSA was never able to use.  This is a problem that has cropped up recently in the past few weeks, before that I was able to get 50k verified per 100k submitted or at the very least i'd get 30-40k.  Ive not changed any of my settings either so I'm clueless as to what could be causing it.
  • SvenSven
    well if you are sure SER should have made some links from a target url but didn't...send that URL and I debug. Statements like "it was better before" do not help and are more a subjective feeling.

    That you get a lot unnused accounts might be due to the engines you use (drupal - blog, wordpress -article).
  • I wasn't going off of a "subjective feeling", I am going off of the statistics which tell me that several weeks ago I was getting 30k+ verified for every 100k submitted and now i'm barely getting 3k verified when absolutely nothing has been changed on my part.  The URLS are from all different platforms, even wiki, video, social network, forums etc.  The only platforms it doesn't do it with are trackbacks, guestbooks, images. 

    Are you telling me that trying to submit 100k backlinks and only getting 3k verified while getting 50k+ unusable accounts is normal?  Please look into this and fix it, I know i'm not the only person having this problem.  I am willing and ready to send you any logs or anything else you might need from my end.  Just please let me know what you need in order to get this resolved.
  • SvenSven
    I told you what I need. The URL where you think SER should have submitted things but did not! It's all that easy.
  • I've PMed you over a small batch of 5k urls out of over 50k that failed to verify yesterday.  Although I don't see what good it's going to do since the problem isn't with the url's themselves.
  • I thought it might've been the list at first, so I bought a VPS from asianvirtual that comes with it's own GSA custom list of 100k+ url's, I ran my campaigns thru that list as well as my own list and it still gave me massive login failed errors for over 90% of the links which rules out the URL list being the issue.
  • I'm no GSA noob, i've bought 3 copies of each of your software and i've used it for over 3 years to the point where I know it like the back of my hand.  If I encounter a problem, I try to troubleshoot it myself which is what i've been doing over these past few weeks, testing and troubleshooting, trying to figure out what is causing it.  It's only as a last resort that I come to this forum and request help.
  • SvenSven
    No need to go wild on this. The problem with "not working as before" is always the same.
    I can hardly debug things without any details. Also the 5k URLs is way too much. I can not sit here and build links to 5k URLs in the hope to discover the issue (if there is one).
    It would help more if you give me ONE URL where you guess something is wrong during verification or submission. Thats the quickest way for me to debug and fix things.
  • You can just take any 1 of those url's I sent and do your debugging on it.
  • SvenSven
    ok so any of them will not get me a link but it gave you one in earlier versions right?
  • That's right.
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