Automatic proxy test problem in SEO Indexer

NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
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I use proxy scrapper to find proxy, automatically save to a file, and i have added to seo indexer to automatically load the file from the list, and i have unchecked all the proxy finding sites in seo indexer. The seo indexer import the text file every time well, but not delete, and not test the old proxies. I have checked to automatically disable public / private proxies, and remove none anonymous ones, but all the proxies status is green (i see some not working ones, but a very small amount, and strange that the seo indexer status is tested a few times before), but when i check manually, the bad proxies unchecked, and i can delete manually (and i see those good proxies, what i imported the last time from proxy scrapper). I think if the proxy scrapper test all the proxies, and i import automatically Only that list, what is the reason that the indexer not delete that?


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