Looking For SER SEO's To Interview On My Blog Magazine. (SER Success Stories)

Hello, SER SEO's & Service Providers

I just created a small but nice looking blog magazine after my company " Serp Wave" called Serp Wave Mag about a few days ago.
I think it would be great if I could interview some of you guys or write an article on your success stories with SER.
People would love to hear your knowledge, you can plug your company, who you worked with, if they are high profile clients, what type of SEO, your years of experience.

How it will work
  • You can give me a picture of yourself or company logo
  • We will have a live interview so I can get info for my question.
  • I will post them in my blog with your photo/logo, short bio above the interview
  • Promote the post on my huge twitter following of 250,000, social bookmarks, and my other huge social media channels
Also if you have a service you would like interviews you may also contact me. 

Interested? contact me on Skype linkwheelrockstars


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