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Looking For SER SEO's To Interview On My Blog Magazine. (SER Success Stories)

Hello, SER SEO's & Service Providers

I just created a small but nice looking blog magazine after my company " Serp Wave" called Serp Wave Mag about a few days ago.
I think it would be great if I could interview some of you guys or write an article on your success stories with SER.
People would love to hear your knowledge, you can plug your company, who you worked with, if they are high profile clients, what type of SEO, your years of experience.

How it will work
  • You can give me a picture of yourself or company logo
  • We will have a live interview so I can get info for my question.
  • I will post them in my blog with your photo/logo, short bio above the interview
  • Promote the post on my huge twitter following of 250,000, social bookmarks, and my other huge social media channels
Also if you have a service you would like interviews you may also contact me. 

Interested? contact me on Skype linkwheelrockstars


  • Hmm, there's no way I'd tell anyone my clients or company name it's screaming out for being undercut and losing clients.

    We're basically competitors, you and I (and probably 75% of the forum's population). 

  • mrlinksmrlinks UK
    edited February 2015
    Man no offense but take this shit down we don't want anyone knowing we use this software - let alone wanting to use it themselves! SER in my opinion should be kept for an elite group who understand how to use it and powerful it is.

    Most - 95% of website owners / our clients don't understand SEO and still think we do this shit manually outsourcing to India or something or even writing 10 articles and guest posting. As soon as you say software or mention automation its game over.

    Man just stick to what you're good at and make money ranking your own shit and selling SEO packages! Not pimping a fucking online magazine about SER and geeks who use it.

    Peace :)
  • how do you take these posts down
  • Was just trying to help others promote them selves and products, no harm meant guys.
  • SER is an elite group but you could of promted any services or list services, maybe gigs you have on SEO clerks things like that...that's what I was talking about not companies...and just your thoughts on SEO in an interview as SEO consultant
  • You didn't have to expose your strategies to clients or compamnies, so get the drift
  • I made the mag to do tutorials, write articles on SEO, interview other software developers,internet marketers, highly recommended services, things of that nature, not trying to pimp a mag on SER like MR links said...LOL hahaha 

    Thats comedy what you said MRL
  • So if anyone gets the drift now or even wants to write an article, or tutorial contact me.

    That better now
  • No problem dude, sorry if I came across like a dick, didn't mean to. Just saying that I like to stay quiet about a lot of things online. Others may not agree :)
  • no problem
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