Download Failed: Socket Error

Problem:  This is the only thing I see now in the log "download failed (Return: -, SockError: Connection timed out" when using a verified list running just 1 project.

Version: GSA 9.04
Proxies: 10 semi-private from

Been working just fine until last night's run.  Just 1 project running using a @ron verified list.

This is pretty much all I'm seeing as it continually runs and isn't able to post.

09:35:23: [-] 1/1 download failed (Return: -, SockError: Connection timed out) - http://[removed for simplicity]

Loads of those.  Just loads sites from list, fail to download, load more sites, fail... etc.

Proxy Setup:


And inside of the proxy setup... I didn't see anything unusual except 1 failed proxy (which is fine in Srapebox)



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    I fired up IE on the VPS and a random 10 of the URLs in the list, were not able to open.  As I kept going thru them, seems like GSA is correct.  The URLs aren't viable.  They were in the beginning but whatever place in the list it is now, those sites/pages aren't even up?  At least that how it appears from my end.

    But when I went to any other sites (microsoft, apple, cnn, etc) no problems.  So the internet connection is viable on my VPS and I'm not blocked from working sites.

    It would really surprise me to find out for the last 5 hours this thing has been running against "verified" sites that truly aren't responding anymore  Very odd  If anybody has other ides, I'll open to them.

    If there isn't anything obvious with my setup, I'll take this support request over to the SERList guys.  Initially I thought my proxies were not working but from my testing, they appear to be and the sites GSA is trying to post to are in question.
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    Accepted Answer
    So if you can not open the URLs as well in your Browser, then it's not a proxy or SER issue.
  • @Sven - Agreed.  The URLs that GSA is saying "socket error" when I try and open on the browser, they really don't ever open.  But other sites do.  I don't think it's a proxy or SER issue.

    I'll take it up with

    Thanks for verifying what I thought.

  • Im getting the same error but from a different list vendor did you resolve this ?
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