Can you explain what Email Completion actually does?

I've read the sales letter and I'm still not quite getting it. Here's what I'm hoping it does...

Let's say I'm doing some lead scraping and I find Joe's Plumbing ( I got his website and I got the owner's name (Joe).

Would I be able to enter the domain and owner name and this software would somehow come back with actual legitimate email addys?

Does it do this by "guessing" at various name? Querying an SMTP server? Scraping the domain? Other?

Or, does it do something else, entirely?


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    The product you might mean is called GSA Address Completion and what it does is finding missing email, phone, fax and website to an name/address.

    The more data you have the better the results will be. Of course you can not expect to have the correct data for just a name like "Joe" but if you have e.g. an address or website or phone or anything alike to it, it will do it's job as best as it can.

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