API stopped working, but everything looks normal on their end...

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I've got an API subscription with, everything has been working brilliantly for the past few months - but during the last week things seemed to have changed.

The API still works as it always has, they give you a link - when you visit that link a txt file downloads which contains all the proxies in the correct format. SER used to handle this fine and extract the proxies but no it says:

Searching for new proxies...
-[ 1/1 ]-[ ]---------------------------- -- -
DL URL for security)
Extracting proxies...NOTHING Found! Check site.
Result -> NOTHING Found! Check site.
-[ end ]-------
No proxies found.

But there are proxies in the file, when I manually visit the URL I get the txt file containing the fresh proxies.. Obviously I have changed the above URL so people can't use my account :-D

Anyone else had this before?




  • SvenSven
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    hmm give me the url in pm and I have a look. I haven't changed anything in SER so it looks like it's a problem on there end though.
  • Cheers @Sven I got to the bottom of it, it was a problem with Coolproxies - their API builder placed an extra space in the URL which caused it to break in SER, however the URL still worked in the browser.

    They've now updated the site and fixed the issue now, so shouldn't happen again :)
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