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Looking For 10 Testers For Our New Product!

Hey guys,

From the people who brought you 301 Redirector. We are looking for 10 testers for our new program "Magic Web Finder".

Magic Web Finder Finds high authority web 2.0's on 7 platforms (as of now):


Magic Web Finder uses PR and MOZ to rate its web 2.0's it has found available to register. It also gives you the list of backlinks to the web 2.0's.

These 10 people would have a lifetime licence for nothing because they have helped with the development of this new product.

We would need these 10 people to try and test Magic Web Finder and put it through a lot. Then report any bugs to me through email, and give us any suggestions they think would be great to have in Magic Web Finder.

If you would like to be a tester then please post below, or on my 301 Redirector thread.

Here are the current features that would need to be tested:

1. Filters That Allow You To Pick How High Of Authority You Want Your Web 2.0’s To Be.
2. Already Scraped Some Web 2.0’s? That’s Fine, Just Simply Click “Import Own Urls”.
3. MOZ API Usage (free version is fine)
4. Web 2.0 Link Anylasis
5. Inbuilt Proxy Tester



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