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Domain Fisher - Find Golden Expired Domains

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Domain Fisher



The #1 tool for checking and filtering domains for you Private Blog Network! 3 Months of Free Updates!

This software allows you to load a domain list, check for availability of the domains, register the domains, and get the following metrics:

Domain Fisher Can Check For The Following:

Moz Metrics:
Majestic Metrics:
Referring Domains
Trust Flow
Citation Flow
Trust Rank
Availability Checking & Registering:

After 3 months, you will have to subscribe to get any new updates we release. We do this to ensure we can keep the app supported and provide new features. Pricing is $10 for 1 month of updates, or $45 for 6 months. 

$45 for GSA Members!! GSA Coupon: GSADF

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  • @Alkom

    I'm not quite sure what you mean.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @SamWylde - He was a spammer, banned him. 
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    for any support and questions ask me :)
  • Hi. Looks interesting. A few questions:

    - What's the speed like on this? (esp. with availability checking on .org/ and other whois rate-limited TLDs)
    - Do you need a majestic account for their metrics?
    - Do you need your own proxies?

  • rastaboym  i personally did test mate mate 

    - speed was good
    - yes
    - no
  • Have purchased Domain Fisher and I am impressed.

    Initially was searching for domain availability using a NameCheap API programmed into an Excel spreadsheet. The process was cumbersome, slow and crashed all the time.

    I am happy to say Domain Fisher is now part of my SEO toolset. It is a significantly faster alternative to what I was using and has yet to crash even once. The largest list I have loaded so far into DF is 15,000 domains (as opposed to the 200 domains I was loading into Excel cause any higher would cause it to crash). 

    Personally I use Bulk Moz Checker to screen for "choice" domains which I then import into Domain Fisher. I use Bulk Moz Checker to do the major domain crunching since it can utilize multiple Moz APIs.

    If I had to make a request for a future feature, I would love to see a section where you can add multiple NameCheap API's to batch process domain availability even quicker. From a expired domain hunters point of view, this would boost efficiency significantly.  

    The developer is very quick responding to support requests as well. 
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    Do we need proxies to run this?

    Do you have a trial offer for this?
  • Can it possible to add godaddy into the DF also because godaddy offer a buy now with cheap price also for some expire domain?
  • @chadstyle,

    Thank you for the review :)!

    No proxies are needed.

    Godaddy will be added after the next version is released.

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    New Features:
    1. Social Signals Via SharedCount
    2. PageRank Checking
    3. DnSimple Availability Checking
    4. Filtering Improved

    Bug Fixes:
    1. All Data Is Exported Now
    2. Some Licensing Improvements
    3. Some GUI Improvements


  • Version 

    New Features: 
    1. DomainScope Added
    2. Added
    3. DomainBox Added

    Bug Fixes: 
    1. Licensing Improvements
  • Bump. Next Version will have options for 3 Namecheap accounts for even faster checking. Any suggestions are more than welcomed :).

    Also we are giving out 3 review copies for $5. Yep, seriously. Just PM if your interested.

    Buy Now!
  • I have bought two licenses of Domain Fisher because it is the first and only software that supports so many registar API and that doesn´t freeze or crash when you check thousands of domains. Highly recommended! Good job here @SamWylde I have two feature requests: would it be possible to add support for more than one Moz account and to support Ahrefs API? That would be really useful.
  • Review

    As somebody who needs to filter through 1000s of Domains every week and see which of these Domains fits my needs, this Tool is very useful for me. In the past I did this all by Hand which was very time-consuming and annoying.

    I now tested Domain Fisher and I really like it as a tool. Once it has been installed you can enter several APIs from different registrars such as or Namecheap and let the program run through big lists of Domains in order to find out which of these are available or not. After this it is possible to get several more Metrics such as Social Signals, Moz, Page Rank… which is great as well and saves me a lot of time.

    Overall I can recommend this tool to everybody who wants to save time and automate such boring tasks as Domain checking and filtering. I now use it everyday and it saves me quite an amount of time and makes my workflow more fluent. My points for improvement would be button where I can reset the license and something like a manual that makes it easier to find the APIs for the different registrars.
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    $45 for GSA Members!! GSA Coupon: GSADF
  • image

    $45 for GSA Members!! GSA Coupon: GSADF

  • is there any support to this Bot ??
  • @Baros,

    Of course, what do you need?
  • Version 

    New Features: 
    1. Multiple Namecheap Accounts Supported (as requested)

    Bug Fixes: 
    1. Licensing Reset Added (as requested)




    $45 for GSA Members!! GSA Coupon: GSADF

  • Is it use my personal majestic account?
  • @Devonius,

    Yes it does. It will work with any level of majestic including the silver plan.
  • image

    $45 for GSA Members!! GSA Coupon: GSADF

  • image

    $45 for GSA Members!! GSA Coupon: GSADF

  • Reviews:

    $45 for GSA Members!! GSA Coupon: GSADF

  • Can you search for backlinks from authority domain names like forbes for example with this software?

    If it did this tool would be great I am sure.


  • Hi, I am Solar Wolf

    I will be taking over this sales thread for SamWylde. If you have any questions or problems about Domain Fisher. I will try to assist you as soon as possible.

  • We do not currently have that feature. If you would like it added in, please send me a PM with more info.

    @Solar Wolf. All questions and inquiries should be sent to @Solar_Wolf or be posted on our support forum (
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    $45 for GSA Members!! GSA Coupon: GSADF

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    $45 for GSA Members!! GSA Coupon: GSADF

    Buy Now
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