Getting anchor texts on my sites that I did not make...

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Hey @sven

I got a fresh domain with zero backlinks and so on.

I started up ser and added two english specific keywords. Ran SER all night. Next day I check ahrefs, it shows this:

[主页] (30%) webseite (3%)
homepage des autors besuchen (2%)
посетить сайт автора (2%)
visiter le site web de l'utilisateur (1%)
hidden (2%)
hidden (2%)

My keywords (i wrote as hidden) came as 2%.

What the heck are those other ones? I started my project from scratch and there is no mention of any of those other ones. Any idea?


  • SvenSven
    Answered almost once a week by forum. You use engines that use not your anchor text but there own. They use your URL and put there own anchor text on it. You can change that when unchecking those engines int he selection using the right mouse click -> uncheck ....
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    @‌sven do you know which engines I deselect for those type of anchor text? I just want to use my english keywords that I chose.

    Thank you for helping. I appreciate it
  • SvenSven
    just use the option on that popup menu to disable engines not using your anchor text and you are done.
  • Which one of these options is it @sven

    Can't find the one where you say "not using your anchor text"

    I only see the that use no anchor text. Any idea?

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    uncheck engines that use no anchor_text
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