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Hands-Free SER Content is about to come.

Hey guys. Everybody know how time consuming is to create content for SER fields over and over again, therefore I'm working on a new service for SER.
In a couple of words this will be fully automated content creation service for all SER fields. 
And with all fields I mean all fields. e.g

Image Comment
Guestbook Comment
Website Title
Description 250
About Yourself
Forum Comment
Guestbook Comment (German)
Micro Message
Description 450
Blog Comment
Forum Subject
Video Title
Video Description
Guestbook Title
Website Title (German)
Description 450 (German)
Description 250 (German)
Guestbook Title (German)
Image Subject
Document (pdf)
Website Title (Polish)
Description 450 (Polish)
Description 250 (Polish)

I noticed that this taking too much time and you never know when you start to post duplicates. Or very often forgot to change content ( at least me )
Basically this will be service type where we will share folder between my server and your server ( probably dropbox ) and my bots will generate content and upload to our shared folder EVERYDAY
Yeah this mean that you will get new content everyday, will avoid duplicate content 100% of time....

Suggestions and comments are welcome.


Best Answers

  • Accepted Answer
    I would be all for this. It seems the only competitor you would have is and their service/product is HORRIBLE!
  • Accepted Answer
    that will be pretty welcome . atleast to me 
  • Accepted Answer
    I am waiting for this product
  • Accepted Answer
    interesting ... 2 questions

    1- What kind of content you will use ? and what about quality and readability ?

    2- Will you deliver unique content for each single subscriber or a group of them ?
  • Accepted Answer
    I want to be beta tester botman.
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    Accepted Answer
    I'd love to test this too. Sounds like a great idea.
  • DonDon
    Accepted Answer
    Please provide a sample article for a keyword of your choice. Let us see what this is like :)
  • Accepted Answer
    Awesome, Idea is fantastic. You know how much time you will be saving if it goes right as you explained. Count me in for Beta.. :)
  • penumbrapenumbra Antarctica
    Accepted Answer
    I would like this it would save me a lot of time. Count me in for beta when it opens. Just PM me.
  • Accepted Answer
    Count me in for beta too!
  • Accepted Answer
    I do not want to spoil all the fun but doesn't WAC do all that for you ???
  • Accepted Answer
    @botman any copies to test?
  • Accepted Answer
    @botman thanks for explaining. In that case I'm all in :)
    edited October 2014 Accepted Answer
    What makes this any different than Kontent Machine? I can scrape more content than I will ever use for a single campaign within minutes.
  • Accepted Answer
    I believe Kontent Machine is restricted to scraping from article sites that have been scraped to death. The benefit of this is that it it scrapes a variety of websites
  • Accepted Answer
    support Spanish?  XDD
  • Accepted Answer
    @icarusVN SCM does and even allows to scrape from Your own custom sources. Adding 40-50 well spinned (wordai ex.) SCM articles will assure You`ll have not any duplicates even after 100K submissions. That`s the reason I really don`t see any benefit in such a services.

    First I thought it may be a service which will UPDATE the articles every let`s say 24 hours and they could be get from SER via api.May be something like that have SOME sence (not a lot as these will ever be scraped contents - other words a s*it), but it won`t be even like that.

    I really wondered what is that for as we currently have A LOT of scraped content generators inc. for foreign languages. ?!
  • Accepted Answer
    @libero I have SCM and I understand your point. Perhaps @Botman would care to elaborate?
  • Accepted Answer
    anything new about this?
  • Accepted Answer
    am in for the beta test
  • Accepted Answer
    @botman we are very intrested and waiting
  • Accepted Answer
    @botman Interested :)  Waiting for this


  • lamboman thanks for input, do you have any suggestions how do you want articles looks like ? 
    I thinking right now that I will have more templates, with bullets etc, that there is more variations. 

    About competitors I see nobody as my service will be really 100% automatic, you even do not need to touch anything after setup...

  • easypeasyeasypeasy
    maybe you should put down your sunglasses to see others also able to generate (100% automatic) content =)
  • easypeasy tell me more...
  • Thank You andy1024 for your interest, do you have any suggestions ?
  • Hi mamadou thank you for your questions.

    1. Content will come from different sources like article directories, news sites, blogs, but that is not the point, content will be auto generated meaning it will be 99% unique. It wont be like simple scrape from directories then spin and delivered, it will be generated to get unique... So quality will be garbage and will not be meant for money sites. At least for now. But I have looked into high quality articles, but I have not a lot of information about this yet.

    2. Content will be dedicated for each subscriber. As it will be generated by keywords subscribers will give.

  • Thank You for your interest raglady
    Beta test will start next week, will let you know... :)
  • Hi sagarpatil 
    Thank You for interest, when beta testing will be open I will let you know.
  • Hi Don  when beta test will be open, you will be able to see more than one sample. 

    Thank You
  • Thanks Guys will add you in beta testers list. 
  • Hey Seljo thank you for your question. :) 
    WAC does not provide you new unique content EVERYDAY 100% automatic ? You still have to spend pretty much time to scrape and build content for each of your projects. And you will newer know when you will start to post duplicates. :)

  • Hi rover1977 it will be service based not software, and beta tests is not ready yet...

    Sure Seljo  no problems at all, thank you for interesting :)
  • deNiro72
    thank You will let you know
    Thank you for question. I can not much talk about other tools nor to compare them as my service is still in development. When it will be released you will be able to see if that fits for you or not...
    Hi. Possible.

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