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Can engines read custom data about a particular site?


Say I'd like to post a blog comment, "Hi Hannah, great post as usual!" and I have a data file that tells me the admin names for all my targets (so I know that Hannah is the admin for Can I get SER to read that in any way?


Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    if that hana is somehwere extractable from the site then yes. You can use the #grabbed macro or use it in your script files with something like:



    front=written by



  • Thanks Sven, appreciate the quick response. 

    I will give it a shot with the macro and grabbing the data from the page. 

    Just looking through your macro docs - some nice powerful stuff there. Quick question - can I use a variable within a variable i.e


  • SvenSven

    you can do that when using it a bit different like...


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