What engine left "visit posters website"

Hello want to ask what engine left "visit posters website" and "посетите сайт автора" anchors, I think it some forum engine, maybe phpBB, I see such anchors in ahrefs, but no one in GSA, so I cannot find engine, use only GSA for linkbuilding


  • Right click > Show URLs > Submitted/Verified and you can search for it.
  • mynameis940  pls read what I wrote and then what you 
  • yep, you cant see these anchors in SER. As far as i know (read here on forum) its comming from forum's user list.
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    guys, Im using GSA for more than 1 year, and I know how to look for anchors, but those 2 anchors that i wrote "visit posters website" and "посетите сайт автора" dont showing in report, it some GSA bug, but I need to know what engine left it for turn off it, because it ruin may anchor scheme
    Examle - http://prntscr.com/4nbyku. I use all engine and only GSA, first two anchors left some forum engine, but GSA dont show them if I try show url - verify
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    It's not really a bug. It might be just the fact that on some URLs there are two links. One with that wanted anchor text (contextual) and the "visit posters website". SER just has to decide which one to take.
  • Sven, no, I check domain where it left link, and than check in verified, there no such domain, I check about 10 different domain with this anchor and no one in GSA verified, here is example of link - http://tskopar.ru/orvd-forum/memberlist.php?mode=joined&order=ASC&start=174300&sid=46bbb91588ff6137fdc32b5750de49ab
    It is some GSA bug for sure
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    Hmmm... It doesn't seem to be a bug... Why do you think it is one Destroyerror? Did you fix it yet if so?
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
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    Thats a forum where SER propably tried to post to and was unable to get the link to verify on. Will have a look.
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