Difference between Url Redirect PRO and Url Shortener in Gsa Ser

@sven your new software looks promising ;) but whats the actual difference between using it and url shortener in gsa ser?


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
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    The difference is e.g. the "Recuursive Mode" where one URL redirects to another and maybe another and then to your money site.

    The link type can be defined, keywords in a more detailed way and so on. It's not based on certain engines either. If you know some new shortener URLs, I can probably add them to the internal database and it will find a way to submit to it while analyzing the page.

  • Sounds good. Thanks. :)
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    I LOVE YOU GUYS! Really a nice tool and I will buy right now, just received the email some minutes ago..
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    I want to add in, just purchased, thanks Sven for another great product,i guess the only thing to do now is inplement and wait for results  
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    So, is this the competition against the other 301 redirect and url shortner software which were mentioned in sales thread like 301Nuke and others ?
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    This is great alongside the seo indexer..just purchased..
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