Matthew Woodward Net Worth. Just curious.

Every link in his postings lead to affiliate pages which want money from internet marketing newbies. A little bit annoyed. It harkens back to old Clickbank days -- Money flows up as an old Mob says. Of course his postings are great but you know what those postings are about. How much money does he make monthly?


  • Are you serious? He makes his earnings available every month. Also who can blame a guy for wanting to make money.
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    Making money, no problem. I just hate celebrities who makes money from EVERY trusting interactions with strangers. You make money and reputation on the money newbies provide. Newbies of course are you and me a year ago.
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    Last I saw he was making 10-15K a month. He is by no means super rich.
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    Sure, you recommend people a good product and make a commission - what's the problem with being more famous and making more money? You still buy the product, put work into it, put work into writing for other people.
  • I think that site is one of the most positive examples of affiliate marketing I can think of. It is also an example of marketing via word of mouth and social media rather than organic search. If he has fame it is purely because he earned it the hard way.
  • goonergooner
    He provides a lot of good info, especially if you are new to the IM world.
    He lives in Costa Rica now i think, nice!!!! :)
  • Yeah this guy give away a lot of knowlege for free and it always your desicion to buy or not .
  • yep, he share a lot fo REAL info with prove and testing examples.
  • Lol he has case studys on his website which details how he makes money with it.

    He gives away amazing info for free, offers detailed reviews and information on how he uses each product, and of course he uses his affiliate link when he recommends products.

    Isnt that the essence of affiliate marketing? You make money when you introduce new buyers to the product?

    Matthew Woodward is the man
  • ronron
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    I saw him do it from the beginning starting on another forum - the very first day. He's a true scrapper, and I admire how he made a decision one day to be something bigger - and then he did it.

    So I give him a big +1 for actually seeing it through and fighting his way to the top. He is one determined dude.

    People in the affiliate business tend to not click on someone's link, instead choosing to let the product developer get 100%. Which kind of sucks. He created a different proposition - help people - be honest - and put out the affiliate links. And people appreciate his efforts and click his links. It's the kind of thing that isn't done enough in our community. We should always support the people that help us out.

  • If it wasn't for Matthew Woodward, I wouldn't have found GSA Search Engine Ranker. I saw his post on tiered link building last year and I had that "A-ha" moment when it all started making sense. 

    Since then, I have been following him and he is a very good blogger who provides clear and concise advice, I am happy to support him and click on his affiliate links as I am making money online, If I hadn't found him, I doubt I would have been where I am today.

  • SvenSven

    I can only say good things about him. He is not like the rest you might have seen. His tutorials, reviews, basically everything you read from him makes sense. And I don't say that because he worked with GSA together in the past. @s4nt0s e.g. is our main affiliate as everyone knows. So whenever someone jumps in with some idea or deals, he is the one who decides as I own him a lot. The fact that he has no problem with him and both respect each other says a lot.

  • Reading my post again I sound really mean. This was never meant as a bad rap but just was my small experience that I might forget the next day. Now I know better.
  • SvenSven

    Nothing to worry about @Jesse ... there are really a lot ppl on affiliate business who think placing a link here and there is enough to make money. I even do it but just because I have much more other things to do than actually put work into it.

    If you really want to make money on this, you have to give something back like He does. And you must be honest about the things you promote/talk about. That will always work in my eyes. Devin (@s4nt0s) and Matthew are marketers being honest and fair (at least in my eyes).

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