Buying Domains for PBN - DA/TF/PR What's Your Preference

Okay so this is not directly in relation to SER but more indirectly. We all know the SEO landscape has changed a lot since recent updates and it is harder (not impossible) than ever to rank with just SER alone.  What is working really well is using good quality domains in a Private Backlink Network (PBN) to link to your money sites and mixing this with SER.

I have been sourcing strong dropped domains for a while and now have a lot that I am looking to sell.  I do not want to just put any old domain up for sale and they will be of very good quality. (Yes I will get a paid sales thread once I sort a few things out my end :) )

In order for me to put the best domains up for sale that people are interested in, I would like to know what you look for in buying domains. Is it all about Moz PA and DA or Majestic TF and CF?  Or are you looking for domains with high PR backlinks pointing to them from aged/trusted sources?

I know some people like to get niche specific domains but I would like to ignore this for the moment as the way I get domains is not really targeting specific niches. 

Ideally if you can let me know what your preference is, and what numbers you look for. 

Also, if you could rank these in the order you would prefer that would give me another indication of what domains to get you.

1)      DA – 19 TF – 18 Some PR6 & PR5 links

2)      DA – 22 TF – 10 some PR3 links and a few lower PR links too

3)      DA – 25 TF – 22 highest link is a few PR3’s

4)      DA – 15 TF – 10 1 PR6 link and a few PR5 from .edu’s

Note: All domains are dropped domains, they will be a few years old at least but the actual domain will normally not show actual PR on the toolbar.

*****As a little sweetener for people giving their opinion I will give away a few domains to a couple of people once we are ready (probably just pick a couple of people’s names from a hat who respond).*****


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    I want real domains, not used for seo before.
    Personal blogs, failed startups, comapnies etc.

    They should have real links from real websites, no spam/automated links.

    Example: a failed it startup website that has alot of articles talking about it.
    The more the better. Since these will be old articles, I am intrested in the pr of those backlinks mostly.
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    I am searching for aged domains name and got a domain last day .It depends on my many things but before buying a domain name I look first
      Quality links> DA> CF> TF> PR
     and as far second indication I would like to go for

     3)      DA – 25 TF – 22 highest link is a few PR3’s
  • goonergooner
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    I would go for TF, DA/PA is easy to boost with SER links. But be aware that boosting the PA/DA in that way will probably reduce TF too.

    So i buy on TF value and try to spam them just enough to bring up the PA/DA to 40+ without hurting the TF too much.

    But in reality no one can say for sure how much value those metrics have in the eyes of Google.

    EDIT - Just looked at your data again and boy that's a tough one. The lower TF sites have some nice backlinks. I would probably buy them all or whatever is cheaper.
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    Hmmm - I would need to know a bit more about the sites linking, all unique? Also, the linking sites metrics including if the links are nofollow, etc. With the info. presented I would go with #1 then #4.
  • zerozero yashar
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    I would pick (in this order): 4, 1, 2, 3.
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    I would pick 1,4,2,3
  • Great, thank you all for your responses.

    All these domains will have at least a few high PR links to them (PR5/6 + some lower PR links too, some more than others).  The minimum DA I am thinking of putting up will be 20 and the minimum TF 15.   I am also noticing that some backlink checkers are missing some of the PR links too :/ 

    For pricing I am thinking of between $50 - $100 per domain depending on the metrics.

    King789 - Do you have a minimum DA you would normally go for?

    gooner - What is the minimum TF you normally go for?  Also, none of these domains have any spam links and are all natural links to them so the TF/DA will not be inflated in any way.

    HUBBA - As they are all natural 90%+ of the links to these domains are normally follow links with very few nofollow. There are some with nofollow from wiki links and some others but not many.

    Looks like from what people are saying that as long as the DA/TF is okay then the most important factor is PR links going to the domains.  This is what I am looking for in domains too as although the thought that PR is dead it is still a Google metric that they use, whether behind the scene or not.  So for me the PR of the incoming links would indicate the strength of the domain and what its potential PR would be.

    Keep the thoughts coming in people, thanks again!!
  • goonergooner
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    @flembot - I try and stay above 15 TF. But i am buying a lot of domains so sometimes i will go lower if the other metrics are good.
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    I usually go with TF/CF and DA. 
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    I'm surprised that no-one's mentioned 'Moz Trust' (3.5 + is generally good).
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    @gooner - do you go niche specific with PBN or general niche ?

    Do building backlinks for pbn sites using GSA SER harmful ?

    Recently, i made 30 site PBN and build backlinks to the blog posts using gsa ser. All the blogs are in A Class IP's and I am surprised that 3 of them are already penalised. The PBN is just 3 months old.

    OP: usually i see DA/PA and moz trust.
  • goonergooner
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    @sampath - I go niche specific, but when i buy whatever domain is available and re-purpose them for what i need.

    How have your PBNs been penalised? Like deindexed or?
    I've never had any probs tbh.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    I've heard of a few people having problems with their PBN blogs getting de-indexed over the last few days, seems like google has been on some kind of big witch hunt or something.

    Not had any problems with any of mine though (fingers crossed).
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
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    I just look for age and very little backlinks means no trouble...and if its say 10 years old that should give it enough authority...
  • donchinodonchino
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    @2Take2 .. do you think it's manual or bot deindexing.. and either way, would it possibly penalize all the sites on the blog which gets deindexed? I tried one other network, where two domains got deindexed where my link was. Got those links removed afterwards, but wondering if the hassle to rank this site is because of that or smth else. 

    @steelbone age can give authority but not linkjuice, they're separate things
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    @donchino, I can't say for sure, but it looks like they're running some kind of algo, not manually picking people's networks apart, because *most* people are just reporting a few blogs getting de-indexed here and there, not their whole network getting hit at once.

    I'm not sure if having a link from a de-indexed site (that you subsequently got removed) would cause you any ranking problems, but who knows?

    What's the problem you're having, are you not able to rank the site in the top 200 at all, or just getting stuck on page 2 -3?

  • Thanks Spikey - What are the numbers you normally go for (for TF and DA)?

    Good call 2Take2, I have never looked at that myself, best check some!!

    I think most of the issues with deindexing will always come from using SEO hosts.  Been said many times before and I know from owning a 2 networks about 2-3 years ago that SEO hosting was the reason they got deindexed.

    donchino - I think it is a mixture of both bot and manual.  I think that bots will look for footprints and then highlight them for review, then they will be gone!!  SEO hosting seems to be an easy hit IMO, and no doubt with the data they have they can identify a large number of potential PBN sites on certain IP ranges and then just look at all on the range.  When I ran my networks I was very careful with on site footprints, the only issue was the hosting.  I had them over several SEO hosts, and when they were hit it was always domains on a single SEO that all got hit at roughly the same time, then the same with another host a week or so later.  That was at the time they were targeting them quite heavily so not a massive shock.
  • donchinodonchino
    @2Take2 it had been on 2nd page for some kw-s for over a month, but after putting only a few high pr links, some kw-s went to 3rd page, others to 5-6th. It has been so for two weeks, and adding more quality links hasn't changed anything, but link profile is very clean and no spam. So i was between the options whether it's cause the two links got deindexed (and brought penalty), or it's the so called "30-day sandbox" that ppl are talking about. There isn't much options, it should be only with content somewhere on 2-3 page. So i'm gonna wait and see what happens before i spam the sh*t out of it

    @Flembot thanks for the input, this seems all logical.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    @donchino - It's hard to say, but I'd give a bit longer before you do any thing rash. I normally see a drop in ranking after adding high PR links, followed by a sharp climb after about 2+ weeks.

    It used to happen much quicker (like 3 - 4 days) before the updates at the end of may, but google seem to have changed something on that front.

    @flembot - sorry for the thread jack mate!  :)

  • 2Take2 - No problem, I will let it go (just this once!!), lol!

    Just checking on the Moz Trust numbers and most seem to be above 4 with quite a few 5+ too, so guess that will do just nicely :)
  • @Flembot, haha, fair enough.

    The metrics sound good, and depending on their backlinks I'd most likely be interested (and if you've got any .uk domains I'd be all over them! lol)
  •  - Yeah Good point on the .uk domains, have a load to check but kind of forgot, guessing it is a bit stupid considering I am in the UK!!
  • @gonner - I just checked, to find no links of my blogs. Which tells that the blogs are penalized.

    @donchino - Recently i bought 25 posts from a PBN and the pbn blogs were penalized and now my site got struck at 150+ from couple of months for main keyword.
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    @sampath regarding those 25 posts, did you use some really cheap service or was it maybe a one with tons of positive reviews selled by legit people?
  • @grax1 - It doesn't matter to google if it was cheap or rich links. Though they are not cheap my regular service provider gave me those links i paid around 150$.
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    @sampath - of course it doesn't matter for Google, I just wanted to know whether you tried some suspiciously cheap service and therefore the issue or it was normal provider that delivered the garbage, thanks for information! 
  • @gooner -
    "So i buy on TF value and try to spam them just enough to bring up the PA/DA to 40+ without hurting the TF too much"

    How do you build links to your pbn sites using GSA SER without hurting TF or without hurting the domain in any other way.
  • goonergooner
    @sampath - Well obviously you only want to build contextuals ideally. But whatever SER links you build the TF will likely drop. It's just a matter of managing it to make sure it doesn't drop too much.

    But it's a tradeoff, some people value the TF more. I prefer to have a lot of links coming into the PBN, pumping link juice through to the money sites.

    It's also pretty predictable most of the time. If you run a few experiments building different amounts of links and checking those metrics you will notice fairly consistent results so you can plan forward using those figures.
  • @gonner - Thank you, always appreciate your answers. I learn a lot from this forum because of you and
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