ccTLD Zone lists? Be or not to be...

Hello guys, I want to start new service on this forum - selling ccTLD Zone lists, and need your advice, I have almost all ccTLD raw lists -, .br, .fr, .ge and so on (here is the screen how its look -, do you think it will be in demand here? There some other services that sell it, but some of them with huge price -, my lists will costs 5-20$ depending on size of lists, plus for exampl for .pl list I will add list of .pl sites selections from all my own and bought lists, for exampl its about 900000 and 1400000 .edu unique urls (most of them blog comments). So waiting your comments below.


  • seems to be a good idea, for example if I going to use GSA for ranking some Italiс site, it would be strange for google if 99% of backlinks would not be from .it ccTLD, and even not form sites with Italian language (if .it ccTLD I hope it for sure will be italian language), for ranking Brazil site I can use .br and .pt because it has the same language (portugal) and so on
  • Destroyerror  yes you right, exactly for what you say I want to start this service - help ranking not only for US market, but another countries, but seems on this forum US market is priority, so no big need in ccTLD zones lists
  • I would be interested in .fr lists.
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