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Bought GSA SER - What to do with Ultimate Demon - UD together with GSA SER

royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
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Hi all

Untill recently I only used Ultimate Demon ( monthly subscription), and build link wheels with it, Bookmarked my sites and Dir. Submissions...

Now i invested in 3 new software : GSA SER +  GSA SEO Indexer + Kontent Machine ( Life time )

What i want to know is should i continue to use Ultimate Demon or should i drop it and save myself $47 every month which i can use towards capcha solving or proxies. On the other hand if i do  continue to use UD, what would be a best strategy. Is there anything that UD does better than GSA SER.

Would appreciate your thoughts what would be the best way forward.

Happy new year


  • Check out the tutorial here... talks about using UD and GSA together

    Also, is a good site on UD tutorials, GSA and KM and the (paid) forum gets you link packets to use with UD.

    I don't use UD or any other tool for tier 1s. I have them built manually with VAs and the results are definitely better (based on my own testing) but the The Ultimate Guide To Tiered Link Building is a good start on using the tools the right way.

    Content for tier 1s needs to be good i.e. unique and readable content. I have KM but its only used for tier 3 and I definitely don't recommend using it for tier 1 or 2.
  • I bought UD life time subscription a month ago and it was slow like hell. So I got my money back. It's not worth the price though specially if you are going on monthly subscription. You can only pay 10$ more and get Magic Submitter from the WSO offer of theprogrammer in worriors forums (67$ with 10$ cash back each month). Magic Submitter is way better than UD. I build a lot of fast & easy web2.0 properties with MS then I grab the links and put them in GSA SER and blast the heck out of it.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. Actually i watched all of the Matthew Woodward videos prior to buying GSA SER, and it is on his recommendation in the videos that i bought GSA Ser.

    Basically Matthew Woodward only used UD for the article submissions. My question is why cant i just use the article submitter that comes with GSA SER. - It will save me time having to copy the live links from UD to GSA.

    Or is there anyone that believe the UD article submitter is better than that of GSA SER

    What does Magic submitter do better thatn GSA SER.
    I am just trying to figure out if i can use GSA SER alone as oppose to having all these other tools to do what GSA SER allready does.

  • What i want to know is should i continue to use Ultimate Demon or should
    i drop it and save myself $47 every month which i can use towards
    capcha solving or proxies.

    I think you should try ultimate demon, I've heard some good reviews about it

    I bought from this link and it gave me a 15 $ Discount(Ultimate demon monthly = 32 $)
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    I am not looking to buy it, if you read my post you will see i said i been using it for some time.
    UD works fine for me but what no one is able to tell me is what it does that GSA cant do as well.
  • edited January 2013

    MS can send your links to High PR famous web 2.0 blogs. GSA SER can't do that at the moment. It's only sending your links to sites using standard scripts like jomla , phpfox , dolphin ...etc. Top quality famous sites they don't use these standard scripts.

    It's all based on your strategy though. For me I build a lot of web 2.0 high pr properties using MS then I build links to support it using GSA SER.

    Some of internet marketers use different strategies and they don't need MS. So it's all based on your strategy and how you rank your sites.

    Please note that Sven promised that he will start working on Platform trainer module in GSA SER soon after the Captcha Breaker is released. When this happens the game will change though.
  • SvenSven
    @mamadou wrong. There are a lot scripts in it that don't depend on platforms but are scripted for just one site. Almost all in category Web2.0. You can code all you want already, just no gui is there for now and you have to use a plain text editor.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    Thanks, but my question was specific to Ultimate Demon and GSA  SER, and if there is anything Ultimate Demon does that GSA SER cant do.

    Should i continue to use UD now that i have GSA SER or can i dump it and save myself the $47 \pm

  • @royalmice - I don't use UD so I cannot compare specifically to GSA. But I've been using GSA and it does not have that many web 2.0 or article directory sites... at least none of the big ones. Most of the links come from unknown/low quality sites that are either spammed to death or not moderated.

    If you are looking for specifically article directory lists then Article Marketing Robot (one time fee) is a better bet. You have to scrape your own sites but its very easy with the likes of ScrapeBox. I've built a list of over 40K sites in AMR for myself and most of them are not spammed to death and are excellent for Tier 2.

    Why not cancel UD and see how your sites perform only with GSA? If not you can always go back to UD.
  • edited January 2013
    Yes , that is correct. I can code all what I want using text editors. I was about to learn it and start working on it but the fact that I can't do it on my own and I always need your help to fix the problems ( and you are busy , you can't just babysit a scripting newbie like me! to help me fix scripts ) made me change my mind. I saw Ozz the most experienced GSA SER user in scripting saying that most of the scripts he coded he was not able to fix it by his own and he needed your help in some stuff. What about a scripting newbie like me? man , it will take a lot of time. Although, when I take a look at the engine scripts I see it very simple!. I don't know for sure since I never tried it. And unfortunately I don't have time to invest in this in the near future.


    I thought your last question to me was "What does Magic submitter do better than GSA SER?". That's why I told you about MS. Anyway, you want to know about UD and what it can do better than GSA SER ? Basically , you will get better success rate in web2.0 submissions + a few quality Article directories using UD. Other than that , GSA SER is way better than UD.
    - Way faster.
    - more control , GSA SER is highly customizable. 
    - way more options and features.
    - more platforms to send your links to.
    - All on auto pilot...etc.

    I used both programs , if you want my advice , I will say definitely drop the UD subscription and use only GSA SER. Then go buy some fiverr web2.0 properties or look for any other cheaper source to get high pr web2.0 properties. If you are not used to do web2.0 submissions anyway then skip this part and use GSA SER only.

    It all depends on your strategy and your needs.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    Thank you very much for your suggestion.
    Think i will keeo UD for 1 more month as i still have some linkwheels campaigns running over 30 days. Once these campaigns are finish running i will terminate UD.
    I allready exported all my 31K sites from UD to GSA SER so will see how it goes.

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