How can i see my serial key license?

Hello, i bought license from some guy and it's working properly, but now i want to change VPS , but i forgot serial, can anyone help me to retrieve it ? Thanks.


  • Who is that some guy? :)
  • @genovac Some guy?? that's bad
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    Well if you bought it, you would receive the serial key in your email. Your question doesn't sounds legit, it seems to me that you are trying to steal someone license and asking for help here

    But anyway if you didn't bought it through official means, you will not receive support for it
  • zerozero yashar
    @bangkoklad - probably some guy in Vietnam (no racism intended).

    I remember the day... the guys name was hlnothingsiu and he sold them on a forum... SER and CB for an insanely cheap price.

    I think they were revoked, or I just lost the license. Regardless, I bought real licenses (I think I threatened the Vietnamese guy and finally got a refund).

    Strange world.
  • Guys, i bought officially GSA SER and SEO indexer, than i bought license and premium list from that guy for 70$ , it was good price for me, bad thing is that i forgot to save information on my PC, i instantly put it in CB (he gave me information about license in CPAGrip chat, and it deletes pretty fast) , i can provide you screenshots with my GSA Ser, indexer and CB working together on my VPS :) But i want to change it now
  • zerozero yashar
    @genovac - you're not allowed to buy second hand licenses due to the issues... so I don't expect Sven to keep your account here for much longer.

    CPAGrip chat doesn't delete quickly.. you can logout, log back in and it'll still be there. I think it's there until you close the private conversation.

    Ask the person again for the information - if not, dispute.
  • I forgot person's name, it was 3 weeks ago, never mind it looks like i will stay with this VPS. Thanks for help.
  • Hi there

    I like to get help from somebody here if possible. After big probleme with my laptop it was crached and reboted. All gone! I got about 5 GSA softwares in with licenses. Which is the way to find them out? Maybe @sven can help here? Or is there way to see them in GSA official website?

    Thanks for help
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