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Newbie Case study - Site 1

HI all, 

I have been promising this for a while, so here is the start of it, I will try and update it more as I go on. 

I have been working in marketing for some time, and dabbled with some sites wordpress mainly with some very minor success. I wanted to try and up my game and see if it is possible for me to make an income of sorts out of micro niche sites. I searched on various forums (mainly warrior & BHW) as to how i could go about this journey. I stumbled across a few blogs Matthew Woodwards springs to mind so +1 out to him for his complete awesomeness (am sure many will agree). After researching many tools the choice was between GSA and Ultimate Demon. GSA got my vote as from what I could see the 2 tools essentially did very similar things, GSA was cheaper had rave reviews and from what I could tell results. I browsed this particular forum for quite some time before setting up a campaign after my purchase (set up the first one last week :) ) and thanks to Sven, Ron and a bunch of other people for answering my questions and writing so much for me to learn . 

Set Up
I am running GSA on my PC. 
Opted for a 3 tier set up in line with Jacob King/Ron setup i.e. 3 tiers each with secondary. 
20 Buyproxy proxies
20 test emails from Hotmailaccount (will be getting some more) 
Kontent Machine
The best spinner
Ultimate Niche finder
Death by captcha
3 month old totally fresh domain. 
Medium difficulty Keywords

Tier 1 - 3 articles manually spun in the best spinner
Tier 2 - Kontent machine tier 2 set up (no links inserted into articles
Tier 3 - as above but T3 setup 
Secondaries T1 - Kontent Machine T1
Seocdary T2 - as above but T2
Secondary T3 - as above but T3. 

Settings Basic (options) 
indexing - I didnt use anything special although I do have a custom list that i find works well 
Filters - all stock 

Settings advanced (Tiers) 
This is where i tweaked a lot. 
Across all tiers, I only used Branding anchor(15%), Generic anchor (60%) and domain as anchor (15%). 
Anchor variations set to 20%
use domain as anchor checked. 

Article manager -
GSA to insert 0-2 links for the site and 0-2 for an authority site. 

I did play around with some of the options for the different tiers - for example
T1 - is set to a max 15 (+/-3) submissions per day 
T2 is set to 25 (+/-3) per day 
T3 is set to 100 (+/-10)
with the secondary tiers set up pretty similar. 

Tags used anchor  and only used search engines that were in English (for this specific project) 

Skip sites with more than 100 outbound links was set for all tiers And depending on the tier, PR was set. Stock spam list was used to avoid any links from there.  

The project is in its infancy at the moment (couple of days old) so no results to report as of yet, hoping to see some in the coming couple of weeks. But so far it looks like this. 



Hopefully I will keep up with this thread and post some ranking updates as I get along. 

If you have any feedback that would be amazing, and any questions I will do my best to try and answer them. 

Happy GSAing!


  • Update  #1 Forgot to mention that I have been scraping and adding my lists to Global lists. Method is to tools - get footprints + KWs enter scrapebox. and click go :) 
  • Firstly, good luck with the campaign.  Depending on what time you have on your hands I would test a few things at once.  The good thing with SER is that you can set the daily restrictions on links and setup the tiers (make sure you re-verify the links every 24 hours too, otherwise you can be linking to dead pages).

    One question, you said;

    Tier 2 - Kontent machine tier 2 set up (no links inserted into articles
    Tier 3 - as above but T3 setup

    So what do you mean by "no links inserted into articles"?   Do you mean they have no links? Surely that makes them pointless?  Dunno, maybe I pissunderstood.

  • SupraTRDSupraTRD New Jersy

    I think he's adding links with SER. And he doesn't use KM tokens. Nobody wants to build links without links OFC : D
  • goonergooner
    @gsanewb29 - Good luck and keep us updated. Look forward to hearing your progress.
  • Images appear to be down.
    Good luck on your journey!
  • yes sorry about the images :( i cant figure out how to get them up and running on here so any pointers. 

    @flembot @supraTRD is 100% correct I ran all the links through KM 

    re the verifications, yes of course am reverifying every 24 hours. 

  • SvenSven
    fixed image links
  • amazing thanks @sven hopefully I can keep everyone posted with updates as I get on, any feedback appreciated. 
  • Cool. I will be following this one :)
  • edited July 2014
    T2 is set to 25 (+/-3) per day 
    T3 is set to 100 (+/-10)

    these are very low numbers. Maybe you can go with these for a week but after that i suggest you at least
    100 for t2 and 1000 for t3

  • Hi @derdor , thanks for the comments - this is the plan - in the initial week I wanted to go quite easy on it to test the water - iw as thinking to scale it up each week by a X5 multiple, and a X2 multiple for T1. 
  • edited July 2014
    Hi All, 
    a small update 
    as you can see from the webmaster tools, there has been a good increase in impressions, this is as a result of the campaign going live. 

    I am yet to tweak anything in the campaign, the more off the ground it gets the more I will play with things. I will be upping the amount of links built by the X5 multiple tomorrow. with T1 being upped from 15 to 20

    Points to note: 
    GSA is a great tool, but it is so important to build you own lists. I have been scraping 5-10k lists per day with scrapebox and adding to the global list. I find this is improving the amount of links that I am able to build as well as the quality of said links. 

    also if anyone can advise on how to get images working in this forum that would be great. 

  • Hey gsanewb29, 
    what benefits do you think there are to gathering your own lists versus buying a preverified list from others?
  • @eliotps932 interesting question, I am as you know building my own lists with SB. However courtesy of @zero I am testing out a list that he provided. 

    I have pt in the list into the T3 and will hopefully get some results moving along. 

    From what I can tell, it saves a lot of time buying lists, as it can take days to scrape a massive amount. People with experience in lists such as @Ron will really know what they are doing and it will really increase your approveds getting from them (as far as my research tells me although I have not personally tested it out yet) 
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