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Free lists for you guys - need +/- 20 people as testers & reviewers

I'm looking for +/- 20 people who are interested in testing a service I'm thinking about to launch. All you need to do is to test the lists I'll provide you (verified lists) and give me your honest opinion about the quality of the lists.

I'm not a 100% confident in this ending up in a list service so in worst case, you'll get a handful of lists for free. In case this ends up in a paid service, I'd ask the guys to leave their reviews on the upcoming thread in the BST. More detaills will be disclosed to interested reviewers via skype.

This is not first come first serve, you need to be active and have a bit of reputation on this forum to participate. If you're interested, just leave a short reply in this thread and send me your skype in PM.

To the mods: as this is a free list giveaway for now, I didn't post it under BST. If you feel I should list this in the BST section although it's currently free, just let me know and I'll happily pay the listing fee.


  • Let me know if I qualify
  • More than willing to give my feedback on your lists.
  • I could try those lists...
  • Me too. PM me for more details.
  • Looks good. I'm running at around 400 LpM on this with scraping (100 dedicated from proxy-n-vpn, 30 shared from buyproxies, 100 dedicated from buyproxies) only and not using verified lists.

    I got tons of spam complaints so I basically am moving to another server (GreenCloudVPS Dedi FR7), but I have three others at my disposal that I run GSA on as well.
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    Oh I forgot to include this:
  • I'm happy to test if you are still looking for people.. 
  • I would also like to participate.
  • I would be happy to test the lists. I'll shoot you a PM.
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    Count me too. Redfox SEO will provide check your lists and give you the honest review. I am using Blue and Red list both.  :)>-
  • it would be great if you could let me test your service. maybe give discounted copies to beta testers in future as wel
  • count me
  • Count me in mate. Hungry to test new services always.
  • count me in :)
  • Let me know if you have a spot for me I currently use the blue list from, I'll see how yours perform compared to them
  • I would be more than happy to test, review and post my experience about your list. Count me in!
  • I buy and run a number of lists. Be glad to test it out.
  • May I please run & test your list? Sounds like it'd be an interesting candidiate for a case study of mine.

    - iSki
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    I'd be interested in testing your list if you think I'm legit enough according to what my account represents, lol. 
  • Would like to be a tester
  • count me in !
  • Interested to test your lists.
  • Consider me too, would happily test...
  • Count me in. I would test out the lists.
  • i will test your list

  • Alright guys I contacted about 10 people for now who posted / PM'd me first and I'm going to do the tests with them. To those who posted in the thread but didn't get into the test round, in case the service works out as planned and does live I'll include some discount time for you :)
  • Yes Count me in.I will make an honest review.
  • Everybody who received a PM from me and was added in Skype is in the beta. To those who didn't get added: in case the service goes live I'll make sure to give you guys a nice discount as a 'thank you' for being ready to participate in the beta.

    Stay tuned guys :)
  • If there is an open slot, count me in, else, I'd be more than happy to buy your list when it's ready!
  • @theseo1 thats okay ill be ready to buy with the discount as well if the reviews are detailed & positive. Let me know.
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