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Email Errors

Hi all,

I experience some troubles concerning emails:

1. sometimes the error message tells me that the username and password are wrong and because of this it can not read mails. When I copy/past from SER username and password manualy I can access the email account. What went wrong and how to fix this?

2. I get also sometimes an error message that an email account has reached timeout - besides this it is the email of another project!

3. some errors are about email accounts which are already deleted. How to fix this?

Maybe you guys experienced this too and have some ideas :-)

Best Answer

  • Accepted Answer
    What accounts you use? Copy paste here errors from important messages.


  • @stoffl what format do you import your Emails
  • One example is:
    2014-07-13 09:32: E-Mail login error for -ERR [AUTH] (#MBR1212) Incorrect username or password.
    If you try it manually all is fine.
    I also have the issue that some errors appear simultane at different projects and only if I fix the right project it disappear at the other project too.
    Sometimes SER shows me email accounts which do not exist (at least since a while).
  • PS: I bought WizMail and used all kind of mail accounts (exported by program script) but it seams that outlook is for me the best one.
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