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Verify > Will SER Translate Feature Work Upon Submissions?

edited December 2012 in Need Help
I now want to expand and take full advantage of other European SEs, so I want to verify that the text I place within the description fields will be translated.

My setup is: #trans {sentence 1| sentence 2| sentence 3} #notrans

Obviously this doesn't show as being translated within SER, but did read that this all happens online. Before I go off submitting to 100s of other SEs, I just want to make sure I have this correct.

BTW- There is one field called "Website Title (German)" which doesn't have the [Translate] link at the bottom right corner. Will this be translated as well, as long as I have my #trans tags in there??


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  • SvenSven
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    OK found the problem. Next version will accept longer text.


  • SvenSven
    The "Translate" label in the GUI will translate English text to German or Polish. The macro however will translate the text every time it submits to a website and according to that detected language. The translation is cached to not stress google of course.
  • 1. The [Translate] label in the GUI doesn't work. That's why I posted the question above. Seems from your statement above, that it's suppose to translate everything for you upon a click.

    2. You didn't answer my BTW question......does that field not offer translate as well? It's not there located on the right corner of the field like the other 2 description fields.
  • How to use the {translate] macro? i just know it when i teach my VA.

  • Looking for a clear followup answer from Sven so I can begin submitting to other SEs. Please comment on the 2 points mentioned above, Sven.
  • I've been using Google Translate. Have not checked though for any specific backlinks from German or Polish sites.
  • SvenSven


    1. It is only translating English text to German or Polish. And only if your IP is not blocked within google. Working fine for me

    2. That other fields are not touched. That [Translate] is simply for the field above it.


    the macro usage would be like this...

    Description_450: This is not translated #trans But this one is translated #notrans And this again is not translated.

    For details read the macro guide.

  • 1. I obviously know what it does. Stated that above already. The problem is, the [translate] link doesn't work. I'm not sure why it would be working for you and not others, but if it's not working for me, I'm sure the majority of other users are experiencing the exact same thing. This is something that should be fixed upon future releases.

    Do I need to send you a video (screen-o-matic link) of me actually clicking on this link and it not working? Let me know.....

    I'll go ahead and proceed with my submissions with the #trans #notrans tags and view the result, but if your going to have the [translate] link in there for all of us to view the translations...........well it should work!
  • Is it possible to use it (transltion) like this: english --> french ?
  • SvenSven

    @grafx77 I don't know why you always seem to go wild on my posts but IT IS WORKING FOR ME (and obviously for many others). See screenshot below. I entered "This is a test" and hit "Translate"...Than the polish one appeared.


    @Elias Sorry thats not working right now.

  • edited December 2012
    @Sven - No one is "going wild" on your posts. You have a history of not believing me when I come to you about a REAL and LEGIT problem. I have reported 2 major issues in the past which you stated, at that time, weren't problems, but then we find out later (sometimes weeks later), they WERE issues and you fixed them (%anchor text% tag problem & bug concerning very low verified post count). So, history has told me one thing, and that is, I have to really go over and beyond the point of merely asking you to fix things. I have to "persistently " report these issues to you until you look a little deeper into the situation at hand.

    I am 100% sure that many others are experiencing the same thing. No one has reported this problem (at least to my knowledge), as of yet, because most US users, don't worry about submitting to other countries, other than English speaking ones.

    Anyways, this is still an issue and will continue to be one until you look further into it. Why would I bring a "bug" to your attention if it weren't a legit issue?

    Ok, so here is a link, to a screencast video (may need to update java) of me clicking on the [translate] button within various fields:

    If anyone else is having this problem.....PLEASE REPORT IT HERE.
  • SvenSven
    Your cursor is not turning into a "hand point" when you are on the [TRANSLATE] label? 
  • Actually, the "hand pointer" does show up, that's just the stupid video for some reason. Worked fine while making it, but then once it got rendered, you get what you see.

    I assure you, I clicked on the link several times, even when I highlighted the text, but seems like my cursor disappeared in the video when I have text selected/highlighted. Will have to remember that for future videos.
  • SvenSven
    What about proxies? Do you use them everywhere?
  • Okay, here's what I found. Removing "enable proxies" helped out with the situation. SER was able to translate, but only a few words at a time. My results are posted below.

    Description 450- nothing happens, but mouse pointer keeps flickering the loading icon. It's possible SER is translating in the background, but nothing ever gets translated. I've waited over 10 minutes before.

    Description 250 – this one works somewhat. It only translates around 20 to 30 words. Anything after that gets cut off.

    So it seems, that the translate feature has very limited functionality, especially with spintax involved. As of now, I'm going to need to find a solid translation tool. Probably
  • Just thought id chime in and say not having any luck trying to translate spun text by the way either
  • SvenSven

    So it's the proxies that get blocked by google I guess.

    Well what text was it that didn't get through completely?

  • edited December 2012
    Yet but the tool is still extremely limited, like I stated in my last reply.

    What text doesn't go through? What do you mean? I already stated that in my last reply. The only field that semi – works is the description 250 field and I already stated that it's only 20-30 words that get translated. All the words after that get deleted.
  • Thank you!
  • Translate featured fully working! Thank you Sven.
  • SvenSven
    your welcome...and forgive me about my arrogance sometimes. As a coder it is hard to see/accept bugs when you always think it's working when tested (as seen above in screenshot). Next time make some details on the issues and we can fix it better/faster ;)
  • No problem buddy. Besides the arrogance, your still the best and most supportive coder there is. ;-) LOL
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