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Do I need to stop all projects to change global settings or project settings?

Let's say I am running 500 threads and I want to increase it to 1000 threads, but my projects are running, do I need to stop all projects to change the global settings? Or can I just click on options, and change the settings while projects are running, and upon saving, GSA will then read off the new settings and go ahead and create 1000 threads?

Also, on projects level settings, do I need to stop projects to update the settings or can I just update the project level settings even while the projects are still running, and upon saving, gsa will read off the newly saved project settings?

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    No need to stop anything, the projects will see the new thread setting and also see you changed something on there settings and reload.


  • I usually stop the project if i want to change the project settings. not sure if that is correct way.
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