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problem in ranking video

So its been 7th day i am running GSA with 10k+ verified list and on day 1st it was ranked on first page then after 2-3 hours it goes to 2nd page and now gone. :( can anybody help me plz wats the problem here.



  • Mate

    My best advice to you is to go back to the drawing board. People here don't work tirelessly to give information away and it's not like they can diagnose your problem anyway with a huge amount of information lacking from your OP....
  • i am following this forum from a very long time. Sometimes you have to see through experience of other people and stuff. I mostly done what other professionals are doing. i don't know if its a problem after panda4. 
  • edited June 2014
    I'm not going to tell you here but I will via PM, if you forward your video i'll tell you... otherwise change your strategy.
  • No video? no problem....
  • ya lol you get a list ,blast any video and it ranks !

    Wow what a strategy !!

  • @dmtaylor247 i sent you a pm
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