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Which VPS is best for the price?

I am new and have no profits so this is pure investment, I am doing GSA campaigns for youtube videos and going to start on Tier2 blogs, I am not sure if I am doing this right.

I need a VPS as running it off my computer is too slow with my 8mb internet connection.

Which VPS is best for me? I don't have a very large budget, which VPS will run GSA SER fast enough?

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    Yeah TrustVM price is very low but you can also check the greencloudvps, their price is also low but not as TVM


  • You have to ask yourself how many projects you want to run and how you like to max out threads . And ofcourse how much you want to spend.
  • I will spend depending on quality/speed.

    I want to run up to 3-5 projects a time.

    On my laptop I am getting 1.3 LPM, I have no idea what I am doing wrong, I have 8mb internet speed and a really good laptop.
  • PS: I am using 10 semi-dedicated proxies from buyproxies...
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    Post here your monthy budget for vps so we can help you find best deal.
  • for 3-5 projects you can help yourself to something around $20 a month .You dont really have to splurge on  something expensive.Please have in mind that a beefed up machine will NOT make  LPM  hit the roof :) 

    10 proxies from buyproxies - I would recommend you dont run it over 100 threads then .
  • Ok I put it at 100 threads ( I had it at 250 )

    I have had it on for a while and it's only done 170 submitted, 24 verified, 1.22LPM....

    What am I doing wrong?
  • My budget for a VPS is 20-30$ yea
  • FitnessRegiment search the forum about how you can improve your LPM. Too many variables on that .
    SolidSEO and Green Cloud are some providers you can hook up with .
  • Under running threads it says 2....What is that?
  • TrustVM is personally tested and i found it relatively good for the price 8-9$ - 1 GB RAM -60B HD
  • wow thats cheap, does it work well for GSA?
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