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Edit all option settings for gsa ser

Hi! Is this possible? That just being highlighting the profiles with it tier profiles and right click to edit its option settings at one time edit? So that we would noy open each profile one by one?

@Svenβ€Œ is this possible?
Really having a long time process on editing each profiles. Import/export


  • Oh i found it but i dnt know what it means by
    paus project type 1 and 2?
    any manual for this?
  • SvenSven
    0 =  pause/stop after xyz submissions

    1 =  pause/stop after xyz verifications

    2 = verifications reached in a day

    3 = submissions reached in a day

  • Copy that mr sven
    project type is set to 0 or 3
    whats the difference between 0 and 3? Seems they have the same meaning?
  • @molex - 0 just stops the project for all eternity, 3 resets every day and your project will go on.
  • thanks! got it =)
    how to change all settings of Skip sites with a PR below?

  • SvenSven

    skip pr on=1

    skip pr=PRVALUE

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