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What are major memory-eating factors?

I've been trying to determine which are major factors that affect memory usage to determine my setup's bottleneck.

1. How much inputs in spintax format are affecting memory usage? For example Articles texts in spintax or default comments in spintax?
Would it be better to spin all large text inputs from files memory-wise or not at all? I can't seem ta make that leap of faith yet and need a little nudge. :)

2. In new projects the most troublesome file seems New Targets one:
But I highly doubt that many power users out there give it any attention as I've seen some pretty jaw dropping screenies without any outstanding RAM usage and I dont think they import in some measly 50k links chunks. How much targets pool affects memory?

3. Obviously there is "Maximum size of a website to download", plays a big role, or I'm mistaken? How much MB it gives you? 10mb - is it "Woah" or "Pfff"? 

I would be testing these factors myself but it is always good to hear opinions. 

What else am I missing here? Any thoughts guys?


  • SvenSven

    articles: gets read line by line on a submission, so not a memory eating factor

    hosts_done, urls_done: ir read to memory completely but trimmed to a certain size each time it grows to much

    new_targets*: just 1MB is read to memory to work with it

    prj: holds all your settings and has to be read completely to memory

    rnd_content: has to be read to memory as well completely and can grow over time

    static: holds account information, you can delete unused accounts in popup menu. This files can grow alot and is read to memory completely

    success, verify: holds data about submitted/verified urls and is read to memory completely. grows over time

    targets: last used urls when project was stoped. max. 1000 urls are read to memory in batches on a restart.

  • Does it mean that this factors summarized are equal to the amount of memory project would require or there is something else in the mix?
  • SvenSven
    that + of course some more as the project would need to allocate other variables for internal usage.
  • So in theory one project should not eat 2Gb+ alone with decent settings like 60000-100000 targets, 3 articles 700-2000 symbol each and default spintax text inputs?
  • @sven - so it is less memory consuming to use the random file macro to have ser read from folders for content, keywords etc. than to keep it in ser directly?

  • SvenSven
    yes, but that also means a lot disk activity as it has to read data from files each time it is needed. It's always memory vs. speed.
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