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I need goods VPS for GSA SER

mirenmiren Macedonia
edited February 2014 in Need Help
Can anyone suggest me a good VPS server for GS SER + GSA GB + GSA SEO Indexer?
I will use SER with 50 threads and 10 private proxies.



  • SolidSEOVPS - their support guys are on this forum too, and are superfast at everything and everything works as it should. Most other server providers I've used are just computer geeks but Solid are cool doodz.
  • I am using powerup which is fine - I have a nice deal from a black friday sale. Between them and Solid, if it were me, I would see which had a lower price and go based on that.
  • I'm looking for one too...

    Since, this my 1st VPS, and I'm not a power user, I've decided to try TrustVM. It's just $9.90 per month for 1Gb RAM (if you apply the discount code), and it has been mentioned several times on this forum by @oil...

    However, there is a glitch with my order. I ordered a Win 2008 Server, and they gave me a Win 7. They reinstalled, but now I can't login coz they gave me the wrong password.

    Still not sure if 1Gb is sufficient to run SER + CB.

    Just to let you know....

  • Just an update...

    Yes, 1Gb is enough to run SER on scheduler (20x10) + CB...
  • Thanks for the Update @Olve1954
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