Do you guys create link tiers for non-English sites also ?

I have been slowly trying to gain experience at ranking non-English sites in specific Google countries, but the same question remains for me, does everyone really do link tiers for ranking in other non-English based Google search engines like say Google France ? 

I was always under the impression that you needed backlinks from lots of domains in that specific country you wanted to rank for (or countries in that same language if possible), but it seems really hard to ever get enough links from a specific country to be able to do a proper full link pyramid. 

So is it really that important to have links from that specific country you want to rank in or is it more important to just have backlinks on pages that are in the selected language even if they are from domains located in another country ?



  • KaineKaine
    Tu parle Francais ?

    I send you MP 
  • any experts out there have any experience ranking in non-english countries ?
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