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Are all sites submitted to the Indexer?

edited October 2012 in Need Help
Hi I got SER + Indexer today and have a question about it. Are all the links created in SER added to the indexer? And if so, is there an option to only send the links that really need to be indexed? For example; if SER creates blog comments it does so on a page that is already indexed by google. So no need to spend anymore resources on this by adding it to the indexer again.


  • only verified links gets sent to the indexing services, as my understanding goes, checking for whats indexed already or not would be more ressource eating then just submitting them to indexer,

    if you want to keep ressouces down you can set inder to quick index

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Under options, you can decide which projects send their links to the indexer services. 
  • Thanks man.
  • @globalGoogler

    I'm on the fence in purchasing SEO Indexer.

    Do you think it is essential and it compliments GSA SER effectively ?

    How succesful in your experience the rate of indexing ?
  • @sootedninjas whenever I manually check the odd link from gsa I tend to always see indexer sites referencing my urls in google further helping to strengthen them and helping the primary link get indexed. So , for the poultry sum Sven charges its worth it for sure!
  • appreciate the response.

    You got a good point. It's definitely worth the price of admission. I'll purchase SEO Indexer then.

    as a follow-up

    do you think is wise to use the SEO indexer on Tier 1 because of the link quality of those indexer sites ?

    I could see it used on Tier 2 and below.

  • Your welcome :) re the tiers, it's a personal preference resulting from your linking strategy to be honest. If you can cope with links getting found faster using the indexer then sure, say you have an established site for example. Personally, I allow G to find my tier 1 links themselves and only let it rip tier 2 downwards but I'm in no rush and it looks more natural to my mind but as I say, depends on your circumstances.
  • that is exactly what I was contemplating to do. thanks for confirming that it is a sound strategy.
  • In case you didn't buy the indexer yet. I recommand not to buy it.
    I never use it for the simple reason that GSA creates links faster than the Indexer can index them. So links just keep piling up in the indexer.

    And scrapebox has exactly the same function but only faster which I use now.
  • @pietpatat

    I had a feeling that it might be the case too. I have SEO Link Robot which I believe does the same way SEO Indexer does. It does takes a while to do indexing for a handful of links.

    "So links just keep piling up in the indexer."

    Does it ever get to do all the request eventually ?

    I'm also considering of getting SB but for other reasons. The beauty about SEO Indexer is that it is integrated within SER and it is all automated as opposed to SB where I have to harvest the links then cut and paste into SB.

    I have some tutorial videos of SB. How do you do indexing in Scrapebox ? Is it a plugin of sorts. or a standard feature of SB.
  • i just buy the gsa seo indexser mainly because it was integrated with GSA so i don't need to do anything manually for indexing the backlink.

    I do have the scrapebox, but i like automation so i don;t have to do anything. I also use lindexed for increase the indexing rate.

  • SvenSven
    @pietpatat i know customers who use the indexer with about 500 threads and full indexer mode. They need about 2 minutes for one URL. And than you have custom indexer mode and other settings to tweak things to your needs so that the indexer is not behind.
  • Sven is correct. There is absolutely no reason you shouldn't be using indexer. It does work very well according to my results and tests. And for $20, you just can't beat it.

    If you find that your urls just keep compiling within the application, then just up your thread count. Problem solved. It's as easy as that!!
  • But still. This means that I have to turn down the threads on GSA by quite a lot just so I can turn up the threads on the indexer. So I will get far less backlinks. It is more effective to spend all the resources on GSA and at the end of every month fire up scrapebox and quickly index all the links.
  • SvenSven
    Do whatever you like, noone forces you to use our products. Though I don't see a use in using Scrapebox to index links when our program can do it much quicker and with actually working sites in it.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Support Sven. $20. Test it out. 

    Then post a thread with your results. 

    I just keep it running in the background, letting it do it's thing when it can. 
  • I agree. support the developer so he can continue to support the user community. win-win situation.

    @grafx77 or @sven

    is the thread count allocation increase be done on GSA SER or the SEO Indexer allocates its own thread independent of GSA SER ?

    What would be an optimal threads allocated for SEO Indexer ?

    With GSA SER, my threads = 250% of Private Proxy. e.g. I got 10 semi proxies so my GSA SER thread count is 25.
  • SvenSven
    The programs don't share any settings. Threads in SEO Indexer might be increased to your needs and your resources. sorry I can't give any recommendations here.
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