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Engine Recognition

Hi Guys,

I have been practising loads this last few days scraping lists and using test projects to create new site lists to post to.

When watching the submission I am watching it recognise engines and instead of doing a social network recognition it is blog posting or doing trackbacks or pings and very little social network is this normal? I have all engines checked when creating test submissions.


  • I would only check the engines you want to use (in your case it sounds like social networks and not blogs/trackbacks), to lessen the chance of wrong engines being identified.
  • SvenSven
    what URLs and engines are that? There is always room to optimize it.
  • General Blogs seems to rule over all, due to having 15+ page must have = statements. Perhaps if there was a way to group negative values (I know you can't do !add blog|!social network as one will get through) like !one string&!another string it would stop GB taking precendence purely on account of having so many page must have values.

  • Hi Sven 

    In the test above I had a list for dolphin, social go and oxwall, see is really not getting a high rate of recognition. If I make new secondary engines with santos's footprint tool will this improve the recognition?
  • SvenSven

    @namdas, all "!ignore" definitions will not be counted. So it's just a matter of how many "good" lines match.

    @delboy2010, send me the URLs please.

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