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Free verified list T1 and T2

edited January 2014 in Other / Mixed
Hi fellow webmasters,

I have many inquiries from newbies, about lpm, how to increase it, how to make a good list, etc. 
Of course to succeed you will need quality proxy, good server, and urls list! 
Many webmasters cannot afford to buy dedicated server and set up 24\7 parsing. 

So to help everyone, and to increase my karma, here is my verified list for T1, and T2 projects.


Best Answers


  • Checked random 20 links - not avaiable to post from GSA SER, or 404. I think this is waste of time.
  • Of course you should make from the list your own submission, get your own verified list, and then create T1 and T2 projects.

    For this list i used only GSA SER default engines (not corrected). 

    And of course links is dying because there is many kitchen sink engines, not only for T1. 

  • your welcome!
  • he file you’re looking for has been moved or deleted.
    Please see this article for details on why a shared link might stop working.

  • manubossmanuboss
    link down , please replace
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