Dealing with Negative SEO

So how do you guys actually deal with negative SEO? I have a link profile that looks like this: I have already disavowed most of the links, but I don't think that will help me too much. So how do you guys actually deal with it?


  • SvenSven
    Wow thats rediculous. If you find out who that guy is, you should go to court.
  • edited January 2014
    By losing a handsome income of roughly $500/mo from one site, not just once, twice, but THRICE!

    I have been a victim of negative SEO, at the first two times not knowing what happened but in the recent experience which I also shared on this forum, the competitor made 40% and 30% ratio for two of my keywords and it tanked down. It was just not even a week when I appeared on page #1 and was shot down.

    Feels very bad indeed but as @ron says, when you feel a niche is toxicated, just don't go there and get out of that market. There are hundreds of other opportunities and your time is better invested there - for longer returns.

    And whoever did that to you, particularly for that anchor, is a big DOUCHE and no lifer for sure. Is your site adult related by any chance? I agree, if you are able to find the guy, send him a notice and do take necessary legal actions. Terms like those aren't even funny and highly illegal.
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