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Is this okay for a start + few questions

So it has been a 3-4 since i have moved my ser to vps , and obviously it has done more in 3-4 days than it did in 15 days on my laptop. 
So i have figured out most of the things But I still have a doubt about few things .
First of all are these stats good , I am finding the verified rate very low 
(youtube blasts ,each project has 1-3 videos )
this is for last 4 days .
VPS -> single core 3.6 ghz , 2gb ram
proxy-> 10 shared + i use public proxies list when they are uploaded recently . I use public proxies just for pr check and scraping .
email-> 1 or 2 gmails per project
only building links to articles , wikis , blogs etc i.e. no indexer ,pingback and other spammy links.
 not concerned about pr of site 
 obl <70 , 
anchor text ->i have made a list of anchor test for each project + 25% generic +5% 'youtube'
lpm -> around 25
captcha -> CB
at this moment gsa is  scraping new sites itself using keywords , i plan to run gscraper later on
no indexing service (out of my budget)
I am maintaining global lists.

I used SCM to make 10 articles with soft spin for each project , which i replaced just now with new articles .
I plan to run this for 7 days and then will disable engines with low success rate as suggested by fatsteve in one of his videos .
I am blasting these links to youtube videos (PPD stuff)  , 
I have a few questions 
  1. how many threads do you suggest for me according to my proxies and vps ?
  2. should verification be set to automatically or once a day or anything else ?
  3. how many times should a single article(auto-spun) be submitted before it goes stale ?
  4. Suppose i am making links to 'farmville hacks' , can my article be about 'online games' or 'facebook games' .Is that contextual enough ? coz content to scrape for my niche is very hard .
  5. is that verified/submission ratio normal? or is it low because my niche has words like crack,hack etc  
  6. should i create a tier with indexer,referrals etc to these projects ? 
  7. Am i going in right direction ? and also can anyone suggest some few tweaks regarding ranking youtube videos with blasts .
I am also currently viewing the tutorial videos and reading about gsa on forms and blogs , i also know a bit of seo .


  • SvenSven

    1. start with 50 and increase slowly if you think it's not enough

    2. leave it to auto. If you waste too much time on verification, you can use custom mode + 2 hours + remove links on first verify.

    3. depends on how good it is "spun". Noone can give exact numbers here

    4. No idea sorry

    5. depends on the engines you use. Some like Blog Comments have a low success rate depending on the way you configured things.

    6. SEO related question -> unable to anser

    7. see 6.

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