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Hi, i know this have been ask before and still no one have a solid answer for the question. So i like to ask a few things.

1. For GSA to submit 100 link, anyone know how much will it takes? i mean average time.
2. For GSA to verily 100 link, anyone know how much will it takes? again, i mean average time.

If someone know about this then we can know, what is the max project that we can run with GSA.



  • There's no way to answer this as each is different. I have projects that started at the same time whereas one has 72 verifieds so far and the other 11.

    It's like you send a party invite to somebody and you have to wait for them to reply. It's the same thing for building links, you're waiting on the site and/or webmaster to approve and post them.
  • We run a 1k bookmarks run in under 20 minutes

    Lots of good private proxies + dedi server + 1gb line + clean list :)
  • @mmj, what dedi server did you use?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Also - what filters are you using? What platforms as they all differ! Also - how far into the project? the first 100 links, the last 100 links....the more you go the more it has to scrape relevant sites to find as it had parsed many sites. 
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