Big Negative Change in Google Instantly for one Blog

Almost exactly a month ago I created a blogger blog with unique content and started a GSA campaign which I used basically every single backlink type, I posted to verified lists of mine. It took a few days after backlinking started but I seen positive movement pretty soon, and steady movement up for all the keywords. Till eventually I hit page 1 for every keyword, even yesterday I hit number one for 2 of the more important keywords. Then at some point last night everything dropped, not a single keyword is on page 1 now, most are like on page 7 or below now. 

What really is confusing me is why, this is the same backlink strategy I have used on many other sites/bloggers and they are doing just fine still. This blogger has about 14k backlinks showing up in Ahrefs, it has nice anchor diversity. The funny thing is the main competitor of mine for these keywords (who also was using blogger) is still number 1 right now, now that I have dropped. But when I examine his blog in ahrefs, his stats are even more spam like then mine, and is diversity is not very good. He has 27k backlinks showing up in ahrefs right now also. I should note that this competitor is clearly using GSA SER to do his backlinking too, which really made me question then why my blog dropped but not his.

Could this all just be a dance, have I hit the spam filter, will my blog return to better than before ?


  • "I used basically every single backlink type" .... 

    That's your problem right there. Post Penguin 2.1 that is a big No-No. Your backlink profile must look too spammy to Google's algorithm. I would run the link removal tool in GSA and get rid of those profile links and other junky sources. After a month you may see your site slowly climb back as the crap links fall out of the index. 
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    @rodol - Right click on your project > status > active (remove links)
  • yah just realized that and removed the comment.. @s4nt0s thanks anyways =)
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    which links to remove ? I have never used this before, which of these are the bad ones in this case? 

    And like I said guys, this way I do this backlinking I have done it on so many other sites/pages, I even used the same lists to post to, and they are all doing just fine. So I'm not totally going to believe it is just because of spammy links alone, especially considering how this other guy's stuff looks. I'll wait a while, but I'll give this a try if nothing else changes.
  • I just now checked all the keyword positions, actually basically all the keywords were between page 4-6 now, not as bad as I thought but still a big drop from page 1.
  • Personally, I wouldn't remove any links just yet, as you could do more harm than good.

    Keep building higher quality (contextual) links to the site at a sensible rate, and if it hasn't moved up after a month or so, then maybe consider other options.
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    Yeah don't do anything rash, give a week or so and see if anything changes. Way to early it sounds to try and remove links. 

    All else fails, start a new blog and rank it again. :)
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    Since it's just a blogger blog, create a new one and start over. Just let this one sit and see what happens.
  • Yeah, I'm going to just let this blog sit for a while and see what movement happens.

    Question, if I were to just build contextual links to a site, what rate of links per day would be a good rough amount to follow to avoid being punished for fast building ? 
  • are directory and forum backlinks considered to be spammy links ? 
  • hatterftw1 - Just to be clear, in my previous post I was saying to only build quality contextual links because you already had a diverse (yet spammy) link profile.

    Although some people do ONLY build contextual links to their sites and have some success with it, it wasn't what I was suggesting. :)

    Sorry for any misunderstanding.
  • ah ok, yeah this blog in question of mine I have a little bit of everything. But if I were to continue to build links to this blog to try to get it back to page one, I should just do contextual for the time being?
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